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  1. Maybe I come from a egg ? But I do not try to mislead marble people. I have had dozens of people ask me serious about the radiation from glass marbles that glow. So when you have visitors ask you about radiation or tell you their concerns. Do not be shocked or tell them they come from a egg. You said "but the green toxic radiation glow gives that idea a little" . Your sign may make that impression and concerns more than a little. I am here to help and pass any information along that might help any marble collector any where. Not every marble collector or person viewing marbles know th
  2. The 1905 patent above is for ball bearings. Not connected to toy marbles. Glass machine made marbles came about from the connection to metal ball bearings. So the original hallow ball bearings found their way connected to glass marbles. Metal ball bearings and marbles have connections. But when solid ball bearings mix with glass marbles the result is bad. I don't think any hallow steelie connected to marbles was hand made. Maybe a very early hallow ball bearing was hand made. It all depends on when you connect what marble collectors label steelies with glass marbles ? Is it a hallow ball
  3. I would be surprised that any true steelies (hallow) were hand made, in any amount or big numbers. Most or all the mechanical motion antique marble toys I have or seen, need weight to work. The hallow steelies would not be heavy enough for gravity to make the toy operate. Many of the older mechanical marble toys had stone or heavy clay marbles. Most of these were at least 3/4, 7/8, or one inch marbles. I have three of the Bowler Andy Mills, three Panama Pile drivers, and others. I have tried glass marbles in them and they are not enough weight to make the toy operate. These older metal mechan
  4. I really like that white base with red yellow and blue marble. But I have no idea where they were made or by what company ?
  5. Normal glass marbles which glow do not give off radiation.
  6. Once again . Peltier made marbles called Rainbo. Marble King made marbles called Rainbow. The one letter W makes a big difference. Marble King = Rainbow Peltier = Rainbo NO - W
  7. Large common Latticino. Wish it had more colored outer bands. Or a blue or red Latticino.
  8. #7 is a mistake. Forget #7. 1-2-3-3-4-5-6-8-9-10 Correct I went back and forth with these at least five times. Still ended with a extra.
  9. #1 = ???? #2 = possible Vitro #3 = Vitro #4 = Vitro #5 = Akro #6 = Akro #7 = maybe Akro ? #8 = maybe Peltier #9 = Vitro # 10 = ???? maybe Vitro Whitey. Would need more views. # 11 = Vitro
  10. That i s a nice piece since it is translucent.
  11. Thank you Chad. No doubt at all that you will be another benefit for this site.
  12. wvrons


    Two Marble King Rainbow's. Not Peltier Rainbo's . Rainbow=MK Rainbo= Peltier
  13. Transitional marble. No cold roll mark.
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