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Found 14 results

  1. I believe this is an Akro but is it carnelian or ace? Wispy reddish brown streaks with a very bubbly glass. Base glows yellow with backlight. Thanks Beth
  2. Hi All, I know that this is an Akro Cork but is it an Ace? Lots of bubbles, red transparent corks with cloudy white. Hopefully, these pictures will come through. Thank You Beth
  3. This is the only one like this I've seen, I've been looking for a similar one to help me ID this beauty, obviously I've had little luck, I like this one, glad to have it in my small but beautiful collection, beautiful collection to me anyway. Thanks in advance, best wishes, Joe K Mr. Meteorite
  4. Hello all, Are these beauties Peltier? I have never seen this color combo, I love the grey with black and red, which I think is Oxblood. 2 of these are twins and the 3rd is slightly larger than the twins. Also don't really have much grey but has more and darker red/Oxblood. If these are pelts, which I think they are. They were purchased with a lot of only Peltier, I was told they are when I bought them anyways. If it is a pelt does it have a "nickname"? Well even if it's not, does it have a name? Thanks in advance, Best wishes, Joe K Mr. Meteorite
  5. Do you see many good marbles, or is this mostly cheap marble kings? vintage "bumblebee", oxbloods, swirls, corkscrews, patches, etc. These marbles range from 5/8" to 11/16" with a few 1" shooters.
  6. I've listed nine items for sale on eBay, including a nice 13/16"+ MFC brick in mint condition. http://www.ebay.com/sch/marbles_by_r3/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Thanks!
  7. Nice pre-Dawn pick of some Christensen's and akros
  8. This slag is definitely similar to that posted before (see below). Also this one could be an Akro handagathered slag? Thanks for your comments!
  9. Hi! I have kept these two marbles among my Akro slags... Well, I'd like to know your opinion. Are they really Akro slags, though unusually rich in opaque glass? Many thanks for your comments
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-230-Akro-Agate-Marble-Box-5-8-21-32-/361526220624? I don't remember ever seeing a box with this general decoration with a clear window. And as an added twist it appears to have some nice early Masters in it.
  11. Not much of a plug since they have over 40 watchers but anyways. I'm doing a small liquidation of some MIBS. Really nice 9.6 graded blue oxblood 3/4" shooter, some sweet popeye hybrids, Alley/wvswirls. A big lot of 35 of my favorites....master marble company....waaaaa A golden rebel, a STUNNING Peltier Wasp, and a whole lot of others. I will be dropping sleepers in the mix to keep ya'll on your toes.......................just saying watch the lots. The alley abalone goes up in price tomorrow without a confirmed bid, it really needs to be preserved/museum or something.......IDK what to do with such a crazy one of a kind. Also listed that controversial blue and black marble that was in the ID section.......the non-descrip no one knows marble that has 20 watchers???hmmmmmmm ya'll have fun and have at it unless ur name is scattered on ebay then oh well.
  12. This Akro is similar to an Akro Jolly Roger. Instead of patch it's a cork screw. Red and yellow cork with aventurine in the yellow.
  13. I just acquired 2 tins of marbles from a New jersey estate - at the bottom of one of the tins was a 1931 "Tarzan" comic strip (folded as cusioning) . so I am refering to these as the "1931" collection or lot - the original owner got them as a kid and stopped picking them up right before he went off to war so 1923-1935 (or about then) I am in between Cameras (the one I have is not good with macro) so I apologizies for the lack of clarity and definitiion but these first groups have a lot of character - superman - christmas trees & rebels - very large Akro Blue Eggyolk and 3 Peltier John Deeres, the majority of the lot seem to be Peltier and Akro with some great Akro Imperial's yellow/white/oxblood and limeade oxblood's as well as some "flamed" christensen and other great mib's - the little 3 for a penny box is japanese - will post more when my new camera arrives later this week. and look for us on AMC's "Comic Book Men" epsiode 3 airing Sunday Night at 10pm right after the "Waliing Dead" I have a recurring role in the series.
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