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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone have marbles in bags with this label design? I would like good resolution photos of the labels as well as the bags with marbles, to use in my book about L E Alley. This knowledge can help date Alley Agate marbles. Red mesh bags with black printing on the label for Worcester Salt give-away marbles were advertized in March 1938 in The Kingston Daily Freeman, Kingston, NY. I have photos of three of these bags containing marbles, one Vitro (with Helmet marbles) and two Alley Agate. The pattern of the rectangular boarder is unique to each company. The same pattern appears on other bags of both companies. Two Alley Agate bag names also appear on packages with the J. Pressman Co. name. The Penny King bag is poly, thus after 1950 and not packaged by Alley Agate. The marbles are Alley's. Marble King must have later used the same label design and packaged them. Alley Agate bags I have pictures of are: 30 BIG B. B. SPECIAL MARBLES (red letters & green boarder) 60 HOP CHING MARBLES (red letters & red boarder) Bag looks like the one in a 1941 Pressman ad which is a blurry drawing. 60 BIG SHOT MARBLES (red letters & green boarder) (Big Shot was used by other companies.) Name on J. Pressman product. 20 PENNY KING (all black print) The Worcester Salt bags are all black printing. I don't know which bag was used when the 1938 ad appeared. See the photos for the details of the label. The red and green label has been simulated since I don't have a photo with good resolution.
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