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Found 4 results

  1. Cj91030


    How do these guys look? Are these real antique? Whats the age and value range?
  2. I got these from a woman who is 89 yrs old and these marbles belonged to her father, she wants me to sell them for her, and I have named a few but just want to be certain. I'm asking your community being the experts to help me make sure I don't mislabel these oldies. thanks
  3. Hi. Second post on the site, looking for opinions on the second marble. This was obtained along with marble shown in previous post, and was described as "Large Old Marble ca.33mm with silver shimmer demolition glass RARE". This marble is 33mm diameter, handmade marble. Has an orange and red swirled core, surrounded by an absolute blizzard of mica. The amount of mica is such that the core is visible only from either pole. It has 1 ground pontil, which has not quite flattened the poit at which it was cut from the cane. I cannot see a pontil at the other end, though I can feel a slight irregularity to the touch. There are a few small bubbles among the mica, and two larger bubbles attached to the twisted core. Only similar pics I have been able to locate online are for 'onionskin blizzard' type marbles, but I am not confident that the core could be described as an onionskin (even one with a shrunken core). Again, any and all opinions are valued. Steve.
  4. TO anyone who can help, I am a very new glass collector and I purchased some large marbles that I can't identify. I got them at an estate sale from someone who loved marbles and had a huge collection. I know that some are onion skin, there is a swirl, but don't know what kind of marbles the white and blue one and the white and green ones are. I also have no idea of a maker or age, can anyone help? Also just let me know what else you need to see to id these marbles. There are two pictures of each marble and sorry about the fingerprints on them Thanks in advance Chris
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