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Found 19 results

  1. Pretty sure I got a Pelt Rainbow Sunset here and the other is a bloodie not sure Mfg? Size is 5/8 on the dot. Thanks for taking a look.
  2. I have no idea what this is?? Any takers on to what this thing is ?
  3. Two MK Bumbles, One MK Girl Scout, One MK Ketchup and Mustard + One Unknown blue and white swirl. Thank you!
  4. I have no idea on either one of these, the white and reddish swirl I was thinking Akro but someone told me it could be a Leighton? Not very familiar on those. I have no idea on the blue swirl but I like it!
  5. Hoping I'm correct on both but, always need those different sets of eyes on it. The Persian matches up with Robert Blocks book. Thank you!
  6. Two Mibs from latest haul. Is the oxblood transparent swirl a Heaton? Thinking the cat is foreign maybe Japan?
  7. Four Mibs Total 1st Mib - Pelt NLR? 2nd- Pelt Patch? 3rd - Alley?? 4th - Pelt??
  8. Two cool Mibs but, I have no idea about the one that I'm pretty sure was used as a bead??
  9. Shared these on the swirl post yesterday and need some ID Assists. These are from a fake Alox bag I purchased a while back from an estate sale. All of these are 5/8 in in size.
  10. Anybody have any ideas on the below mib? Looks foreign to me.
  11. Trying to verify the below two mibs. The black swirl that glows under UV I'm leaning towards Alley comes in at .62 in. As fir the red patch I'm leaning Akro and it comes in at .65 in; also looks to be some light AV mixed in but hard to get a good pic of. The purple and white swirl is .63 in and looks like it has some AV in it as well hard to get a good picture, leaning Pelt on this one. Thanks all for looking!
  12. This was a shooter I picked up back in July, and it was listed as a Christensen, however I think it might be a Jabo, "Joker 1" or possibly "Madyia" however it has no GRN AV, and no LUTZ, but it does have faint Cadmium swirls. (pics are from original listing) Thoughts? Thanks for looking Regards
  13. Hi to All! So I am getting back to my unidentified JABO, and DAS marbles. I came across an unsearched bag of what I think are 5/21/16 D.A.S. Mae Ellen, can anyone share any information about the run? ie. How large was the run? Back story of the name of the run itself? Glassmaster/s? Dave McCullough. only? Thanks in advance (insert marble emoji)
  14. This is the only one like this I've seen, I've been looking for a similar one to help me ID this beauty, obviously I've had little luck, I like this one, glad to have it in my small but beautiful collection, beautiful collection to me anyway. Thanks in advance, best wishes, Joe K Mr. Meteorite
  15. Hello all, Are these beauties Peltier? I have never seen this color combo, I love the grey with black and red, which I think is Oxblood. 2 of these are twins and the 3rd is slightly larger than the twins. Also don't really have much grey but has more and darker red/Oxblood. If these are pelts, which I think they are. They were purchased with a lot of only Peltier, I was told they are when I bought them anyways. If it is a pelt does it have a "nickname"? Well even if it's not, does it have a name? Thanks in advance, Best wishes, Joe K Mr. Meteorite
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