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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, currently I'm working on a marble dispenser , which is continously filled up with marbles and then releases them to five slots. The release mechanism is done with electromagnetic solenoids and a metall wire to make sure only one marble gets released. The huge problem I have now is, that on the entrance slots of the 5 outlets the marbles always get stuck. Actually I'm pretty desperated, because its the second dispenser I built (the first one worked even worse) and now it's still not working properly. See the attached photos. I already tried to guide the marbles by using these welding rods, but the problem remains. Any ideas how to avoid this? Did anyone of you build something similar? One idea to move stuck marbles is to put another solenoid which "knocks" on the board every now and then, but this would be the absolutely last solution since it is very loud. I am thankful for every idea/drawing/experience you can share, greetings, pete. * the general question is somehting like "How can I guide marbles rolling down a skew platform into multiple "slots" without the marbles blocking themself"