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Found 8 results

  1. I am trying to sort out my marbles into smaller groups for eventual identification purposes. After sitting down to get to it I am feeling overwhelmed by the variations in my swirl collection. The colour and swirl pattern variations leave me with too many options! How do you sort your unidentified marbles? Any sub categories, sorting tips, storage hacks, classification info. im just looking to break it into manageable groups that ideally make sense together for ease of identification, but every time I start I end up second guessing all my groupings! thanks in advance 🤗
  2. I know it’s at least *20 years old, 1 inch, purchased out of a barrel of marbles in North Carolina. In the sun the swirls look very red, but in any other light the swirls appear rust colored. Unfortunately I’m out of town and I don’t have any other mibs to put next to it for comparison. A little damaged, can’t find a pontil. Any guesses? My only guess is Jabo Classic.
  3. No clue, but look different than my other cat eyes ish types
  4. Hello all! This is my first post here on this forum. I've been looking around and it looks like you folks here are truly knowledgeable and helpful. I respect your willingness and am kindly requesting you'd assist me as well. I have a few pounds of vintage and antique marbles, and have chosen the ones I believe are the best looking. Can't wait to see what you guys think. If the marbles are worthy, please request additional, and more focused images. I will gladly provide them If it matters most of these marbles were salvaged in Canada, mostly northern Ontario and New Brunswick. Thanks a Milly, in advance of your assistance. 🙏 Thank you, Sara the newbie 😁
  5. Some of my random faces, never been ID'd and I have no clue myself. More pics available if needed. 3 Hybrids,oxblood/white patch, blue swirl, Peltier, green swirl, snowflake? I dunno. Please help
  6. Hi all ! I got a lot of 230 marbles today.About 60 of them were filler pieces, but the rest were nice . I think the price was reasonable but I'm not sure if we are allowed to discuss price here. Most all the marbles are in excellent condition . Could you confirm that the first group I separated out are Akro Agate popeyes ? Would some from the next group be Akro Agate patches ? Thanks for any help, more to come...
  7. Hi all , would anyone be able to identify the black and white marbles in this lot ? Thankyou for any input !
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