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  1. The red Mib size is 37/64 and the yellow is 35/64
  2. I have no idea on either one of these, the white and reddish swirl I was thinking Akro but someone told me it could be a Leighton? Not very familiar on those. I have no idea on the blue swirl but I like it!
  3. Hoping I'm correct on both but, always need those different sets of eyes on it. The Persian matches up with Robert Blocks book. Thank you!
  4. Two Mibs from latest haul. Is the oxblood transparent swirl a Heaton? Thinking the cat is foreign maybe Japan?
  5. Four Mibs Total 1st Mib - Pelt NLR? 2nd- Pelt Patch? 3rd - Alley?? 4th - Pelt??
  6. White Mib is 3/4. Alley? Reposting the yellowish and mint choco mibs. Leaning toward Alley on both
  7. Leaning CAC bloodies on these and need some y'all's professional help. Thanks for looking
  8. This was a shooter I picked up back in July, and it was listed as a Christensen, however I think it might be a Jabo, "Joker 1" or possibly "Madyia" however it has no GRN AV, and no LUTZ, but it does have faint Cadmium swirls. (pics are from original listing) Thoughts? Thanks for looking Regards
  9. Hi to All! So I am getting back to my unidentified JABO, and DAS marbles. I came across an unsearched bag of what I think are 5/21/16 D.A.S. Mae Ellen, can anyone share any information about the run? ie. How large was the run? Back story of the name of the run itself? Glassmaster/s? Dave McCullough. only? Thanks in advance (insert marble emoji)
  10. Happy Friday Eve! I'm guessing Alley Flame for the first Mib, Vitro for the second? and No idea on the third. I really like the first one giving me tarantula vibes for sure
  11. I think the clear one might be a Jabo but, I have no clue on the red. Any ideas? I don't want to use up all my help points too soon either. Thanks for looking!
  12. The color on these (UV) looks very identical...thoughts anyone? Pics 1 & 2 same face pic 3 is 180° obverse face Thanks in advance 🙏🏽
  13. Wow, if this is indeed a Christensen, then it's my 4th 100yr+ member in my collection. Does this count as a Red Slag? Thoughts? Thanks for looking and assisting! 🙏🏽🤝🏽
  14. All are +/_ 16mm 1) Auger? 2) Cairo? 3) ??? major fluorescence under UV 4) peltier? 5) peltier? 6) ??? Thanks in advance everyone
  15. Blue & Yellow is 19mm, Blue & Orange is 16mm and I don't see any seams... Thoughts?
  16. Another ebay find... listed as Rare Nr-Mt Peltier 3/4" Chocolate Superboy NLR Shooter w/Aventurine Looks like a Superboy to me. Am I correct? Is the other one a peerless patch? Does it have a nickname?
  17. Happy August to all... I have here another ebay find, listed as "vintage peltier" Are these considered banana vanes? It just caught my eyes and I couldn't pass it by. I really appreciate the community support and identifying assistance. I hope to pay the knowledge forward
  18. I think these are all Jabo... can anyone assist with Names of runs, and bdays? Many thanks Marble fam
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