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Found 14 results

  1. Pretty sure I got a Pelt Rainbow Sunset here and the other is a bloodie not sure Mfg? Size is 5/8 on the dot. Thanks for taking a look.
  2. I have no idea what this is?? Any takers on to what this thing is ?
  3. Hoping I'm correct on both but, always need those different sets of eyes on it. The Persian matches up with Robert Blocks book. Thank you!
  4. White Mib is 3/4. Alley? Reposting the yellowish and mint choco mibs. Leaning toward Alley on both
  5. Leaning CAC bloodies on these and need some y'all's professional help. Thanks for looking
  6. Happy Friday Eve! I'm guessing Alley Flame for the first Mib, Vitro for the second? and No idea on the third. I really like the first one giving me tarantula vibes for sure
  7. I think the clear one might be a Jabo but, I have no clue on the red. Any ideas? I don't want to use up all my help points too soon either. Thanks for looking!
  8. Hello All, I'm 99 percent sure these are all Vitro but, i'm having issues on category/style of Vitro they are. I would greatly appreciate anybody's best guess. The blue and orange one probably isn't that special but the lightning bolt is awesome. Anybody know if this is a regular occurance with Vitro? Thanks!
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