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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, It's been a while since we have posted on here but we have been busy whipping up a new racing series for our marbles. We have made a few home improvements to our tracks after a bit of painting, gluing and nailing. PLus we have tried to improve some of the graphics that go with our videos. See below the first two videos of our new series. The first is a montage showing the initial stats of our marbles and the second is a head to head elimination race. Enjoy and feel free to make and constructive comments to help us improve. Thanks https://youtu.be/rRU5q6BDrQs https://youtu.be/BHPbsNOiih4
  2. HI all, It's been a while since we have posted here but here are a couple of our latest videos where we used hotwheels tracks to make drag lanes for a our marbles to compete in a head to head knock out. There are 2 videos. The first is a round of 16 and the second is the quarter finals and onwards. Enjoy... https://youtu.be/nnBHwNFkncc https://youtu.be/xSmt5kDU-LE
  3. Something a bit different this time. Quick fire Marbles v Hot Wheels races. 4 marbles v 4 Hot Wheels. Check out the link to watch the full video https://youtu.be/-zRlvnChpP8
  4. What a better way to celebrate Fathers Day by finishing off another marble video with my son. He was so excited to get 11 subscribers after his first video. He thinks he will get to 150 by Christmas haha. Link below for anyone who is interested. https://youtu.be/tYpoulDA-tQ
  5. Hi everyone, My 6 your old son has recently become obsessed with marbles and in particular marble racing. As a result he has set up his own youtube channel record his races and to act as a commentator. Here is his first video if anybody is interested. https://youtu.be/qMglCqHMh9Y
  6. I made it myself in one afternoon out of wood and bottle caps.
  7. Hi, I made a simple prototype marble race that I would love for you to check out and provide some feedback on. I have some fun ideas for the future and really enjoyed making it. It's a five race series. Thanks everyone, have a great weekend Intro video: https://youtu.be/jrXGD5zNteQ Race 1: https://youtu.be/ZnDCEYBSuRQ Cheers, Michael
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