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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, It's been a while since we have posted on here but we have been busy whipping up a new racing series for our marbles. We have made a few home improvements to our tracks after a bit of painting, gluing and nailing. PLus we have tried to improve some of the graphics that go with our videos. See below the first two videos of our new series. The first is a montage showing the initial stats of our marbles and the second is a head to head elimination race. Enjoy and feel free to make and constructive comments to help us improve. Thanks https://youtu.be/rRU5q6BDrQs https://youtu.be/BHPbsNOiih4
  2. Mini doc! About the KnikkerGek (MarbleMadness) marble run and educational program. Nice prices for the 3 winners! With subs.
  3. Hello everyone, The third event of the marble toy Olympics is here, hurdles. Check it out en please leave a comment, like and maybe even subscribe https://youtu.be/_D-PqdKvvdI Thank you!
  4. Hello all! Here is event 2 of the Marble Toy Olimpics, Long Jump. https://youtu.be/FuDbG2UeErs Leave a comment or subscribe if you like it! Each week I will try to make a new event! Stay tuned! Tips or suggestions are always welcome! Thank you!
  5. Our marble tournament has now finally commenced. This is the first race for Group A in the Superdash Marbles Tournament https://youtu.be/oDC-oCtLWd4
  6. Something a bit different this time. Quick fire Marbles v Hot Wheels races. 4 marbles v 4 Hot Wheels. Check out the link to watch the full video https://youtu.be/-zRlvnChpP8
  7. What a better way to celebrate Fathers Day by finishing off another marble video with my son. He was so excited to get 11 subscribers after his first video. He thinks he will get to 150 by Christmas haha. Link below for anyone who is interested. https://youtu.be/tYpoulDA-tQ
  8. COUNTRYBALLS MARBLE RACE | BET ON YOUR COUNTRY COUNTRYBALLS MARBLE RACE | 70 COUNTRIES! Mwarblelympics Season 1: Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics #1 | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics #2 | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics #3 | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics #4 SPINNER | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics #5 | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics #6 | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics #7 | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics #8 FINAL | WRITE YOUR TEMS FOR 2 SEASON | Marble Olympics Marblelympics Season 2 (2017): Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 "GROUP A" | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 "GROUP B" | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 "GROUP C" | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 "GROUP D" | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 "1/4 PLAY-OFF #1" | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 "1/4 PLAY-OFF #2" | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 "1/2 PLAY-OFF #1" | Marble Olympics Countryballs Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 "1/2 PLAY-OFF #2" | Marble Olympics FINAL Countryballs Marble Race Vote for your own country : Marblelympics 2017 | Marble Olympics Absolutely New Marblelympics Season 3 (2018): 192 COUNTRIES Marble Race: Marblelympics 2018 #1 | Marble Olympics
  9. I've finally completed Race 2 of Round 1 I built this wooden marble track in my garage and themed it after dinosaurs for my kiddos. Enjoy!
  10. Hey guys, we just put live our small game (WIP) on twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/twitchplayswithmarbles Basically, we recently enjoyed Jelle's Marble Runs quite a lot, and we would bet at the beginning of the game to see what marble would win. We decided to create a computer version of that and TwitchPlaysWithMarbles is the result. We have many ideas that we want implemented but we are happy to share our progress so far. We discovered this forum just recently and there is a lot of inspiration to take from here! You guys are amazing! Please take a look and tell us what you think! -- notengo studios
  11. It was an article on Jelle's marble races on the BBC web site that led to several hours looking at YouTube videos of some marvelous creations by Jelle and others of marble runs. I thought I'd love to have a go at that, then went through the negatives: Limited time Limited space Limited tools Limited engineering skills Inquisitive cats who will wreck anything Not wanting to give up I decided that the best solution was to keep it small and keep it contained in a box... A box does limit the size of the run, but scaling down the balls helps. I found a source of 8mm marbles (probably Czech glass designed for crafts rather than games) ordered those and also picked up some steel and brass ball-bearings. I found some reasonably priced birch ply boxes on Amazon and decided to go ahead... The box: I gave the box (smaller than visualized...) a quick coat of stain and thought about design. My engineering and woodworking skills aren't the greatest, but I used to make models as a kid and decided that maintaining an aesthetic would be the best option for a small space. With a bit of spare copper pipe and a few fittings left over from a boiler replacement I decided an industrial feel would work - hopefully the finished project will have a slight 'steampunk'/'mad scientist' feel. Two holes drilled (one for the inlet pipe and one for the outlet), I'll use the lid to store a removable release gate and capture/finish line piece (having a hinged bridge and using the lid as part of the run was an initial idea). The interior has been painted black to increase the illusion of depth and set off the metalwork. The outlet pipe and inlet pipe have now been roughly positioned. To be continued...
  12. I created the olympic games for marbles where 16 teams will compete each other on 12 events including long jump, sprints, team pursuit, and many more! Here's a playlist consisting of 13 videos (i post this playlist instead of embedding 13 videos..)
  13. This marble run is consisting of different "tiles" units measuring 4 X 4 inch (10 X 10 cm), all of them contains track patterns and obstacles or moving parts.
  14. Here's the finals of the world cup marble race 2016:
  15. Hello, I'm Jay, I have a channel on Youtube called: "Epic Marble Race League" I do Algodoo races, but i'm now going into real life marble runs and just created this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNmMkIm6pd8 I plan on adding lights to the ramps, and having loads more marbles. I also want to add some lift. What do you think? Thanks -Jay
  16. Yellowmarble made it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVhv34NMvxI Very fine and cool job!
  17. Hi together, first I need to explain the german title: Jubiläumsedition just means jubilee edition I designed it to join this years special annivesary event "50 years of fischertechnik". That is why all the blue flags are spread around the marble run. Starting with the "A Tribute To Imperfection" project stage of 2014 I extended the marble run to have three linked tracks for marbles and a fourth track dedicated to ping-pong balls. The lifter for the ping-pong balls is driven by the glas marbles running through a 'mill' just as water drives mills along rivers. In 2014 already there was this type of mill but it just energized a small globe to turn slowly. And due to some problems of the 2014 construction I needed to redesign the mill as the arriving tracks now come in roughly 1 1/8 inch (30mm) lower. There is so much more to say, but I first need to find out about your gallery system. Stay tuned. Regards Hoody
  18. Hello all, there are some wonderful marble runs around here. Watching the video clips or galleries just shows ease or elegance running those. From my own experience I know that it sometimes is not so easy to well construct a marble run and that there is plenty of time spent. The more complex the run the more time it might take to get things working is my feeling. "A Tribute To Imperfection" started out January 2014 and was presented once end of September 2014. From there it was a continous evolution to "Jubiläumsedition" shown end of July 2015. But the story is not over. Next plan is May 2016 to show the final version. There is not much add-on planned but this time I will spend every effort to get every station, every effect working as reliably as possible. There are so many details that need attendance to avoid marbles spin off the tracks. How long does it take you from the first idea until the complete marble run works first time? How long does it take you until your construction is ready for reliable work on shows or exhibitions?
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