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I think I have most of the champs from national tourneys, on notes scattered here and there. Time to bring them together. I might even have photos of most of them, but I'll stick with the basics for now.

1922 -- the exciting saga which caught the national eye and led to the Scripps - Howard tourney

[space reserved]

(I actually posted a lot here, The Marble Wars of 1922 but I found some more since, and haven't quite sorted it all out. Sorry, it's a long download. I should edit my posts to replace the big pix with thumbnails.)

Before 1922 -- [space reserved]

After 1922

During my reading about tournaments, I was greatly impressed by the coverage -- and mentorship -- in Beckley WV. They make a great study in community involvement and support of youth.

I also noticed that records were frequently forgotten. People in the 50's were credited with "firsts" which occurred in the 20's or 30's (first girl competing with boys at nationals, first negro champion). Smaller firsts and other records took less time to forget.

Weird "facts" crop up too. On Dec. 17, 1966, in the Hartford Courant, it was claimed that Louisville used to be the site of the national marbles champ but no more, they said. Now it is in New York. (they said)

Related web pages --

The National Tournament site: http://www.nationalmarblestournament.org/

Kings (and Queens) of the Ring: Page 1, Page 2

Mibs & Mibsters, by Paul Kerr, an article from the Beloit Historical Society

Top marbles tourney rolls out the masters -- The 16th annual U.S. Marbles Championship was held in 2008. It is for adult players and former natioinal champs of any age.

The Kimmell Family Online -- Rolley Hole Tourney pix, U.S. National Championshop pix, and pix of more than one national champ grown up.

Generations of players hone their marble skills for spring's big tourney

Life Magazine Pix at Google -- A lot of tournament pix. At least some are VFW. I need to learn how to use that tool. Wow.

This is the Amish marble queen from 1949, from Life Magazine. How cool is she?!


The Magic Bond, from 1955, Part I -- at minute 13 there is a little VFW marble tournament footage. There should be a whole VFW marble tournament movie "out there" somewhere. Hope the film was saved. :-)

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National Marbles Tourney

Atlantic City, New Jersey

1923 - Harlin McCoy, 14, Columbus, OH
1924 - George Lenox, 14, Baltimore, MD (Catonsville, MD)
1925 - Howard "Dutch" Robbins, 13, Springfield, MA
1925 - notable: Marie Lawley, 13, girl champ of Harrisburg, PA created a sensation
1925 - I think at least one national mib champion became a sportswriter. Was Dutch one of them? Need to check.
1926 - Willis Harper, 11, Bevier, KY
1926 - notable: Francis Kau of Hawaii is first player from American territory
1926 - notable: , 11, girl champ of Cleveland, OH
1927 - Joe Medvidovich, 13, Pittsburgh, PA (Clairton, PA)
1928 - Alfred Huey, 12, Akron, OH (Kenmore, OH)
1928 - 46 boys, 1 girl

Ocean City, New York

1929 - Charles "Sunny" Albany, 12, Philadelpha, PA
1930 - Jimmy Lee, 14, Columbus, OH
1931 - John Jeffries, 12, Greenville, KY
1932 - Harley Corum, 13, Louisville, KY
1933 - Aaron Butash, , Throop, PA
1934 - Clifton Seaver, 13, Springfield, MA
1935 - Henry Altyn, , Throop, PA
1935 - June 30, 1935 article said Seaver passed his crown over, and mayor placed it on Altyn's head.
1934 - How often were crowns re-used? What happened when they were retired?
1936 - Leonard "Bobby" Tyner, 13, Chicago, IL
1936 - Leonard was the first 'colored' champion.
1936 - I don't know if I'm only imagining it, but it seems that he got little press coverage in comparison with other winners of the 30's.
1936 - 44 players (expected)

Wildwood, New Jersey

1937 - Bill Kloss, 13, Greater Canton, OH
1937 - notable: June Lapham, girl champ of Cleveland, OH
1938 - Frank Santo, 13, Throop, PA
1939 - Harry de Board, 12, Landenburg, PA
1940 - James Music, 13, East Point, KY
1940 - There might have been a high profile girl player this year. I see something about "her brilliant playing".
1941 - Gerald "Chick" Robinson, 14, Scranton, PA
1942 - Charley Mott, 13, Huntington, WV

Cleveland, OH

1943 - Richard "Butch" Ryabik, , Pittsburgh, PA
1946 - Raymond Ryabik, 14, Pittsburgh, PA
1946 - 17 boys, 3 girls

Wildwood, New Jersey

1947 - Benjamin Sklar, 12, Philadelphia, PA
1948 - Boy: Herbert Turman, 14, Beloit, WI
1948 - Girl: Jean Smedley, 13, Philadelphia, PA
1948See also Mibs & Mibsters, by Paul Kerr, an article from the Beloit Historical Society

Asbury Park, New Jersey

1949 - Boy: George Wentz, 12, Huntington, WV
1949 - Girl: Emma Miller, 11, Canton, OH
1949 - 48 boys, 4 girls
1949 - Emma was Amish. Large crowds gathered to watch her play.
1950 - Boy: Bobby Retzlaff, 14, Montgomery, AL
1950 - Girl: Kay Allen, 13, Greensboro, NC
1950 - 52 contestants
1951 - Boy: Shirley "Windy" Allen, 13, Beckley, WV (Fairdale, WV)
1951 - Girl: Ida Jean Hopkins, 13, Cleveland, OH
1952 - Boy: Russell Gwaltney, 12, Salem, VA
1952 - Girl: Dorothy Hobbs, 14, Martinez, GA
1953 - Boy: Jerry Roy, 13, Huntington, WV
1953 - Girl: Arlene Riddett, 14, of Yonkers, NY
1954 - Boy: Bob Hickman, 14, Huntington, WV
1954 - Girl: Wanita Kucher, 9, Chester, PA
1955 - Boy: Raymond Jones, 12, Pittsburgh, PA
1955 - Girl: Karen Olson, 12, Niles, OH
1955 - Notable: Raymond is sometimes credited as first 'colored' champ, which isn't accurate, but was still special for the time
1956 - Boy: Fred "Freddy" Brown, 12, Beckley, WV
1956 - Girl: Lynette Watkins, 13, Bryn Mawr, PA
1957 - Boy: Stanley "Stan" Herold, 12, Summersville, WV (Muddlety, WV)
1957 - Girl: Lois Fusco, 13, Yonkers, NY
1958 - Boy: Dennis Kyle, 14, Richwood, WV (Nettie, WV)      
1958 - Girl: Jeannette Merlino, 13, Yongers, NY (Sandra Wallace of Ohio is mentioned as champ in a 1990 paper)
1959 - Boy: Matthew Wysocki, 13, Wilkes-Barre, PA (Plains Township)
1959 - Girl: Sandra Stefanchik, 12, Yonkers, NY
1959 - 37 - 40 contestants
1959 - Sandra was described as "only girl ever allowed into the final round of the national marbles tournament", but I think this isn't the only time I've seen this claim in the 1950's. I need to track down the details. I'm not certain what is meant by the "final round". (The reference I quote is a preview of a pay-per-view June 27, 1959 article in the Chicago Tribune.)

Wildwood, New Jersey

1960 - Boy: Tommy Meade, 12, Yonkers, NY
1960 - Girl: Christine Zamojsky, 11, Yonkers, NY
1961 - Boy: Augustus "Ace" Millen, 11, Yonkers, NY
1961 - Girl: Anita Danyluk, 14, Niles, OH
1962 - Boy: Mark O'Mahoney, 13, Pittsburgh, PA
1962 - Girl: Peggy Mullen, 9, Pittsburgh, PA
1963 - Boy: James Donohue, 14, Springfield, MA
1963 - Girl: Patsy Coon, 12, Fort Dix, NJ
1963 - 33 boys, 7 girls
1964 - Boy: Clarence "Peewee" Bower, 14, McGraws, WV (Mullens, WV)
1964 - Girl: Claudia Davis, 12, Yonkers, NY
1965 - Boy: Gary Malcolm, 14, Elkhardt, IN
1965 - Girl: Jacqueline Izaj, 14, Pittsburgh, PA
1966 - Boy: Melvin Garland, 14, Pittsburgh, PA
1966 - Girl: Marcella Elliott, 14, Wilmington, DE
1967 - Boy: Barry Blum, 13, York, PA
1967 - Girl: Patricia Yurkovich, 13, Pittsburgh, PA
1967 - 38 contestants
1968 - Boy: Rudy Raymond, 14, Reading, PA
1968 - Girl: Debbie Webb, 13, Yonkers, NY
1969 - Boy: Glenn Sigmon, 12, Wharton, WV
1969 - Girl: Maureen Regan, 14, Lawrenceville, PA (Oakland, PA)
1969 - 33 contestants
1970 - Boy: Ray Morgano, 13, Pittsburgh, PA
1970 - Girl: Karen Yurkovich, 14, Pittsburgh, PA
1971 - Boy: Rick Mawhinney, 14, Cumberland, MD
1971 - Girl: Cheryl Elliott, 14, Wilmington, DE
1972 - Boy: Ray Jarrell, 13, Whitesville, WV (Naomi, WV?)
1972 - Girl: Kathy Pazkowski, 13, Pittsburgh, PA
1973 - Boy: Doug Hager, 13, Whitesville, WV (Glen Daniel, WV; Mt. View, WV -- did he move between news reports?)
1973 - Girl: Debra Stanley, 14, Reading, PA
1974 - Boy: Larry Kokos, 14, Lawrenceville, PA
1974 - Girl: Susan Regan, 13, Lawrenceville, PA
1974 - Claimed to feature "the first boy-girl meeting in the tournament's history".
1974 - It sure wasn't the first, but it does sound as if Susan came close to winning it all.
1975 - Boy: Richard Unser, 14, Pittsburgh, PA
1975 - Girl: Sharon Woolworth, 12, Reading, PA

Jackson, New Jersey

1976 - Boy: Jeff Rice, ,
1976 - Girl: Judy Bosiljevak, , Allegheny County, PA

Wildwood, New Jersey

1977 - Boy: Walter Morgano, 14, Lawrenceville, PA
1977 - Girl: Diann Kopicki, 12, Reading, PA
1978 - Boy: Dean Feinauer, 13, Reading, PA
1978 - Girl: Diane Bertosh, 13, Lawrenceville, PA
1979 - Boy: Danny Stamm, 11, Reading, PA
1979 - Girl: Kris Alfiero, 12, Reading, PA
1980 - Boy: Sandy Nesmith, 14, Naoma, WV
1980 - Girl: Brenda Schwartz, 9, Pottstown, PA
1981 - Boy: Jeff Kimmell, 13, Cumberland, MD
1981 - Girl: Joelle Guiles, 14, Reading, PA
1982 - Boy: Mike Moore, 14, Cumberland, MD
1982 - Girl: Lisa Stamm, 12, Reading, PA
1983 - Boy: Kerry Acord, 11, Mount View, WV
1983 - Girl: Patricia Kimmel, 12, Cumberland, MD
1984 - Boy: Gregg Yakich, 14, Pittsburgh, PA
1984 - Girl: Nicole Stamm, 11, Reading, PA
1984 - 45 contestants
1985 - Boy: Jon Jamison, 14, Reading, PA
1985 - Girl: Amy Thompson, 12, Cumberland, MD
1985 - 30 contestants from 12 states
1986 - Boy: Giang Duong, 11, Upper Darby, PA
1986 - Girl: Darlene Schwartz, 12, Berks County, PA
1986 - 34 contestants from 8 states
1987 - Boy: Chad Reber, 11, Berks County, PA
1987 - Girl: Lori Dickel, 14, Ridgely, WV
1988 - Boy: Dan Strohecker, 12, Reading, PA
1988 - Girl: Shannon Capasso, 12, Pittsburgh, PA
1989 - Boy: Nicky Piatek, 9, Pittsburgh, PA
1989 - Girl: Donna Rothenberger, 13, Reading, PA
1989 - 25 boys and 26 girls
1990 - Boy: Carl Whitacre, 12, Ridglely, WV
1990 - Girl: Alison Reber, 10, Fleetwood, PA
1991 - Boy: Brian Shollenberger, 13, Reading, PA
1991 - Girl: Dawn Lancaster, 13, Cumberland, MD
1992 - Boy: Wesley Thompson, , Standing Stone, TN
1992 - Girl: Trish Tressler, , Frederick County, MD
1992 - 70 contestants expected
1993 - Boy: David McGee, 14, Pittsburgh, PA
1993 - Girl: Amanda Burns, 12, Moss, TN
1993 - 42 boys and 38 girls expected
1994 - Boy: Bong Duong, , Upper Darby, PA
1994 - Girl: Kim Shuttleworth, 12, Allegheny County, PA
1995 - Boy: Jason Williams, 14, Clarksburg, WV
1995 - Girl: Stephanie Zlokas, 14, Pittsburgh, PA
1996 - Boy: Nathan Thompson, , Monroe County, KY
1996 - Girl: Molly Reecer, 14, Celina, TN
1996 - 31 girls and 32 boys
1997 - Boy: Michael Thomas, 11, Upper Darby, PA
1997 - Girl: Megan Winkelman, 12, Frederick, MD
1997 - 64 contestants
1998 - Boy: Ben Nelson, , ,
1998 - Girl: Emily Martin, 13, Frederick, MD
1998 - about 70 contestants
1999 - Boy: Doug Watson, 13, Greencastle, PA
1999 - Girl: Kathy Stehlik, 11, Perry Hall, MD
1999 - 59 contestants
2010 - see also: Allison-Antrim Museum, Greencastle, PA
2000 - Boy: Andrew Martinez, 14, Grand Junction, CO
2000 - Girl: Larin Miller, 12, Pittsburgh, PA
2001 - Boy: Tim Ratliff, , ,
2001 - Girl: Kristie Vanderzee, , ,
2002 - Boy: Jonathan Hulse, 14, Washington County, MD
2002 - Girl: Morgan Kellman, 13, Middletown, MD
2003 - Boy: Jeremy Hulse, 14, Hagerstown, MD
2003 - Girl: Jennifer Pinciotti, 13, Frederick, MD
2003 - 56 contestants
2004 - Boy: Aaron Nees, , Meas County, CO
2004 - Girl: Carly Miller, , Allegheny County, PA
2005 - Boy: Jamie Miller, , Allegheny County, PA
2005 - Girl: Amy Nees , , Meas County, CO
2006 - Boy: Keith Moss, , Allegheny County, PA
2006 - Girl:Melissa Ashwood, , Gunnison, CO
2007 - Boy: Nick Anderson, , Mesa County, CO
2007 - Girl: Alexandra Bauer, , Pittsburgh, PA (Bloomfield, PA)
2008 - Boy: John Laffakis, , Pittsburgh, PA
2008 - Girl: Amber Ricci, 12, Pittsburgh, PA (Shaler, PA)
2009 - Boy: Ricky Brode, 14, Cumberland, MD
2009 - Girl: Whitney Lapic, 13, Shillington, PA
2009 - Whitney is the daughter of Debra Stanley-Lapic, the 1973 champion
2009 - See: The Wildwood Chronicles
2010 - Boy: Corey Goolsby, 14, Standing Stone, TN (Hanging Limb, TN)
2010 - Girl: Penelope Bauer, 13, Bloomfield, PA
2010 - 17 boys and 18 girls
2011 - Boy: Brandon Matchett, 12, Allegheny Co., PA
2010 - Girl: Bailey Narr, 11, Allegheny Co., PA.
2010 -
2012 - Boy: Caleb Isaacson, 13, Gunnison., CO
2010 - Girl: Logan Mayberry, 11, Clay Co., TN
2010 - 24 boys and 20 girls
2013 - Boy: Cooper Fisher, 12, Middletown Valley, MD
2010 - Girl: Emily Cavacini, 11, Shaler, PA
2010 - 26 boys and 26 girls

2014 - Boy: Dominic Rudakevych, 13, Middletown, MD

2010 - Girl: Marilyn Fisher, 13, Middletown, MD

2010 - 42 contestants (NPR said more girls than boys)

2015 - Boy: Devon Loewendick, 13, Cumberland, MD

         - Girl: Emily Simkovich, 13, of Lansdowne, PA

2016 - Boy: Louie Lee, , Mesa Co, CO

          - Girl: Haley Grenesko, , Pittsburgh, PA.

2017 - Boy: Eli Murphy, , Allegheny Co, PA

          - Girl: Sierra Ricci, , Allegheny Co, PA.

2018 - Boy: Joshua Johnston, ,

          - Girl: Madison Johnson, ,

2019 - Boy: Spencer Hays, 13,  Gunnison, CO

          - Girl: Lauren Young, 14, of Frederick, MD


2020, 2021 Canceled due to Covid

2022 99th NMT winners Jessica Johnson of Cape May Co, NJ and Todd Kmiecik of Frederick Co, MD

2023 100th NMT winners Jessica Thompson of Middletown, MD and  Isaiah Garcia of Philadelphia, PA

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Berry Pink's formal tourney

In spite of some newspaper records, etc., this might only have been from 1940 to 1941, and not national in 1941. Pink worked with the Scripps Howard tourney before 1940. It's just a hunch, but I think he might have branched out on his own because of the S-H tourney's insistence upon clay marbles when he was selling glass.

1940 - Finals at Worlds Fair: Douglas Opperman, 14, Philadelphia, PA

1940 - 150+ contestants

VFW Tourney

Starting in 1947 at Boys Town, but moved around. Albuquerque campaigned to be the permanent host site in 1951. Eaton Rapids, MI had a place of honor as the home of the VFW. Generally there was to be one contestant from each state, but sometimes additional players might be given slots for special reasons. For instance, sometimes past champions did not have to compete again to reach the finals.

1947 - Boys Town, near Omaha, NB: Ray Warren, 13, Old Hickory, TN

1947 - 50 contestants (planned)

1948 - Salt Lake City, UT: Eugene "Mickey" Alvord, 14, Salt Lake City

1949 - Pittsburgh, PA: Dick Atwell, 12, Fort Dodge, IA

1949 - Was the plan to meet in Indianapolis? A Reno paper said the national would be there.

1950 - Eaton Rapids, MI: Tilton Holt, 10 or 11, Wilmington, DE

1950 - 41 contestants

Life Magazine pics from 1950 set to music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc2ogroum70

1951 - Albuquerque, NM: Gordon Rowse, 12, Ogden, UT

1952 - Albuquerque, NM: George Andrews, 12 or 13, Durham, NC

1952 - 44 contestants from 36 states

1953 - Portland, OR: Bobby Vigil, 13, Walsenburg, CO

1954 - Akron, OH: Frank Caudillo, 13, North Platte, NE

1955 - Denver, CO: Frank Caudillo, 14, North Platte

1956 - Tallahassee, FL: Richard Austin, 14, Los Alamitos, CA

1957 - Seattle, WA: Misael Zaragoza, 14, McFarland, CA

1957 - a movie was made of the tournament, shown at VFW meetings

1957 - 41 to 43 contestants

1958 - Tucson, AZ: Gary Iverson, 13, Grand Forks, ND

1958 - 44 contestants

1959 - Eaton Rapids, MI: Clyde Archuleta, 13, Denver, CO

1960 - Eaton Rapids, MI: Jewell Dixon, 15, McMinnville, TN

1961 - St. Paul, MN: Mike Butler, 14, Memphis, TN

1961 - 45 contestants from 40 states

1962 - Greensville (sp?), TN:

Tinsley Green -- miscellaneous notes -- no way will I try to make a comprehensive list of those winners LOL [edit: I've been sent a table of Tinsley Green winners. I will add that in a later post.]

U.S. Marbles Championship

2002 - Amy Yarbrough (nee Thompson)

Others -- miscellaneous notes

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  • 3 weeks later...

Here are a couple of items I've already posted elsewhere. They belong in this thread too.

This is a great article from Pic magazine. July 1939. At this point Pink apparently still considers the Scripps-Howard tournament to be the national tournament. That's the one he donates a college scholarship to. He has already involved with local tournaments then but I do not think they were named after him yet.

(click to enlarge)

PicMagazine_July1939_006-1.jpg . . PicMagazine_July1939_001-1.jpg

PicMagazine_July1939_003-1.jpg . . PicMagazine_July1939_005-1.jpg

In 1941 a newspaper announcement for Pink's tournament mentions Ruth Lapham, the cutie from the last photo, in order to encourage girls to enter. But according to a Coronet magazine piece in 1946, Pink "goes white" at the thought of girls playing. Marbles had survived for ages, but a girl winning the national title might bring it all down, he says. <_<

I'll leave you to analyze the rest of the article ... or just enjoy it. ^_^

And here is a1940 flyer published in connection with the Marble King tournament at the World's Fair, discussing his past tournament involvement, the design of the trophy handed out in 1940, and tying everything to 1941 sales.

(click to enlarge)

BerryPinkInc115pct.jpg BerryPinkInc215pct.jpg

BerryPinkInc315pct.jpg BerryPinkInc415pct.jpg

Large print version of the page 3 (684 kb)

I first posted that flyer in Dinkybus' thread about his Marble King trophy. That is the thread which got me hooked on this stuff:

Marble King Trophy, Berry Pink Tournament Item

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Well, for me there wasn't much doubt that Don's trophy had to be from 1940 or later. That flyer from 1940 already seemed to put an earliest date of 1939 on the trophy with the crouching boy. (Perhaps only as late as 1941 though.) And here is a photo of Berry Pink presenting an ordinary loving cup trophy to a winner in Brooklyn in 1939.

(click to enlarge)


So, I think we're zero-ing in on a time frame for Don's trophy. His trophy was more burnished and smaller than the ones we've seen pictured from 1940, so it was easy to guess it was older. But I suspect 1941 now. The 1941 tournaments didn't have the same fanfare as 1940. I'm guessing Pink went smaller that year.

And I haven't found any evidence of a Berry Pink Marble King tournament after that. At least nothing from 1942 to whenever Marble King became linked with the New Jersey tournaments.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Found a 1943 Galveston, TX mention with a 24-inch-trophy, and some of the runners-up were said to have received "athletic sweaters bearing 'marble king' emblems".

It was a championship between "orphans' homes" though, and the trophy was for his home not for him, if I am reading correctly.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners got medals. The sweaters went to the 4th through 6th place winners.

It is very plausible that this is part of Berry Pink's ongoing involvement with tournaments. What's still up in the air and in doubt for me, is how extensive, formal or organized his involvement was.

Also, If Marble King trophies tended to be for institutions such as schools, that could help explain their rarity. Men might hang onto the prizes they won as boys, and those might eventually work their way into estate sales. Trophies won by a school or orphan's home, for example, seem more likely to go where they might never be seen again. That's just a hunch on my part, tho'.

[space reserved for the article]


Haven't recovered that other article, but here's a sorta cool mention from 1941. An explanation for Berry Pink scaling back his tournament involvement - and confirmation that he did scale back. It suggests a plan for expansion again in 1942, but of course the war could have affected that. There seems to still be a little bit of inconsistency with other articles I've seen. I'm fairly sure I've seen one or more 1941 articles suggesting that Berry Pink was still donating trophies this year, but oh well! This is still cool!

Here's the Berry Pink mention at the end of the article:


Click here for the whole article.

Edited by Steph
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Bump as a reminder. I was sent a list of Tinsley Green winners. I postponed posting it to finish another project. MUST NOT FORGET THIS.

Here's one of them.


Artikle in an old Dutch paper (1948) of marbletournament that year. The title is, the oldest-, Sam Spooner, and the youngest player, Tony Westbrook, of the tournament. As far as I know, Sam Spooner won this tournament several times. Hope you like it.


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Tinsley Green

Here is the data simply copied from spreadsheet. Spacing is lost. I'll work on straightening it up. This is just to get me started.

This information was sent to me by Sam McCarthy-Fox. Here is a short bio of Sam.

Sam McCarthy-Fox is a recognised expert on marbles in Great Britain and has contributed to a number of books incorporating the subject. He has also made several television appearances and taken part in radio broadcasts. Sam is Secretary to the British Marbles Board of Control and has organiser of the annual British and World Marbles Championships held at Tinsley Green since 1977.

Sam and Julia are both honorary members of the National Marbles Club of America and The Japan Marbles Association, on whose behalf they have visited The National Marbles Championship in Wildwood, New Jersey.

They contributed to a major marbles exhibition in San Francisco in 1991 and attended the Rolley Hole Marbles Competition in Tennessee as guests of the Tennessee State Parks Department.

Sam won his Community Sports Leader Award under the sponsorship of Worthing Borough Council. This award means that he is the only qualified marbles instructor in Sussex .

The marble room in their house in Worthing contains numerous marble related objects and pictures plus some 40,000 marbles!


Please see Sam's pdf in Post #22 for a readable copy.

I have moved the information I had here to another page to still possibly work on formatting, but it's a lot of data and Sam's pdf takes care of it nicely.

Edited by Steph
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First Post, don't know what I'm doing yet.

Attached two file's of Wildwood,NJ I think it was 1966,I was the runner up for the State of NJ.

My sister found the pictures in the Wildwood Marble Museum, without any names to go with the picture.

She contacted them with all the infomation need.

PS: I still have the gold watch, do you think the winner has the bike (I won that day)




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Well, hello Bob!

Welcome. That's wonderful memorabilia.

Love to hear as much as I can about tournaments - - - and champs!

What are your marble interests these days?

I think I'll temporarily move this over to the main chat area, so more can see. The study hall is a lower traffic zone but this thread is getting some interesting contributions to it.

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Wow!!! How cool!! Welcome Bob!!

We also have Debra Stanley-Lapic and her daughter Whitney, BOTH champs at Wildwood, lurking here...

PS. Debra, I haven't had a chance to go through Jim's manuscript yet.... But, I haven't forgotten!!! ;)

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Tinsley Green

Here is the data simply copied from spreadsheet. Spacing is lost. I'll work on straightening it up. This is just to get me started.

This information was sent to me by Sam McCarthy-Fox. Here is a short bio of Sam.

Year Date Teams Team Winner Runners Up Individual Winner Junior Winner Best Lady Weather

1932 24th March 5 Black Horse

1933 14th April

1934 29th March 7 Jack Arnold

1935 19th April 4 Tinsley Green Big Bert Botting

1936 10th April 4 Crawley Busmen Southern Railways F.S.'Champ' Harding

1937 26th April 6 Tinsley Green Rustington Rambles George Burberry

1938 15th April 5 Copthorne Crawley Busmen Tom. Weekes

1939 21st April 8 Old Comrades Crawley Busmen Fred Rowe Jimmy Hemsley Sunny

1940 25th March 10 Copthorne Sharpshooters Old Comrades Fred Rowe Harry Sired

1940 22nd March 2 Crawley Busmen The Army F.S.'Champ'Harding

1941 11th April 7 Copthorne Spitfires Crawley Busmen Jack Carman

1942 3rd April * No Games * * * * * *

1943 23rd April * No Games * * * * * *

1944 7th April * No Games * * * * * *

1945 30th March * No Games * * * * * *

1946 19th April 7 Copthorne Sharpshooters Copthorne Spitfires Harry Langridge

1947 4th April 4 Copthorne Sharpshooters Crawley Tools Harry Langridge Rain

1948 26th March 5 Copthorne Spitfires Copthorne Sharpshooters Harry Langridge Fine

1949 15th April 6 Tinsley Green Tigers Arundel Mullets Harry Landridge Whiteman Green Flippers Sunny

1950 7th April 8 Arundel Mullets Tinsley Green Tigers Wee Willie Wright Whiteman Green Flippers Sunny

1951 23rd March 4 Tinsley Green Tigers Arundel Mullets Big Bernard Wilcock Whiteman Green Flippers Very cold

1952 11th April 6 Tinsley Green Tigers Handcross Bulldogs Cyril Wilcock Slaugham Scouts Best weather for years

1953 3rd April 6 Tinsley Green Tigers Copthorne Spitfires Cyril Wilcock Slaugham Scouts

1954 16th April 5 Tinsley Green Tigers Arundel Mullets Aurthur Chamberlain Slaugham Scouts Sunny and Cold

1955 8th April 8 Tinsley Green Tigers Rebels Wee Willie Wright Slaugham Scouts Fine

1956 30th March 6 The Casuals Tinsley Green Tigers Wee Willie Wright Slaugham Scouts Cold and Dry

1957 19th April 7 Telcon Terribles Rebels Wee Willie Wright Slaugham Scouts Dry

1958 4th April 6 Telcon Terribles Tinsley Tigers Len Smith Telcon Terriers Sunny and Cold

1959 27th March 5 Telcon Terribles Tinsley Tigers Wee Willie Wright Telcon Terriers Drizzley

1960 15th April 9 Telcon Terribles Tinsley Tigers Len Smith Hookwood Horrors

1961 31st March 5 Telcon Terribles Tinsley Tigers Len Smith Hookwood Horrors

1962 20th April 6 Telcon Terribles Rulslip Rat Pack Len Smith Hookwood Horrors Cold and Windy

1963 12th April 7 Telcon Terribles Tolley Flickers Alan Smith Dull and Cold

1964 27th March 6 Toucan Terribles Tolley Flickers Len Smith

1965 16th April 4 Toucan Terribles Johnson Jets Len Smith

1966 8th April 8 Toucan Terribles Us Alan Smith

1967 24th March 8 Toucan Terribles Boys of County Armagh Alan Smith

1968 12th April 6 Toucan Terribles Johnson Jets Len Smith

1969 4th April 8 Toucan Terribles Johnson Jets Len Smith

1970 27th March 10 Toucan Terribles Johnson Jets Len Smith

1971 9th April 7 Toucan Terribles Johnson Jets Len Smith

1972 31st March 9 Toucan Terribles Johnson Jets Len Smith

1973 20th April 12 Toucan Terribles Pernod Rams Len Smith

1974 12th April Toucan Terribles Pernod Rams Alan Smith Rained Off

1975 28th March Toucan Terribles Johnson Jets Alan Smith Cold/Snow

1976 16th April Pernod Rams Toucan Terribles * * *

1977 8th April 9 Handcross Rebels Wessex Wottsits Jim Lay Worthing Whippets Fine

1978 24th March 12 Brewery Shades Ifield Musketeers Bob Watts Fine

1979 13th April 9 Handcross Rebels Talbots Tolleys Barry Ray Fine

1980 4th April 12 Black Dog Boozers Bow Street Fudgers Barry Ray Sunny

1981 17th April 16 Black Dog Boozers Bow Street Fudgers Paddy Graham Fine

1982 9th April 13 Bow Street Fudgers Addington Alcos Barry Ray Sunny

1983 1st April 17 Bow Street Fudgers Handcross Rebels Barry Ray Cold/Wet

1984 20th April 19 Bow Street Fudgers Black Dog Boozers Paddy Graham Fine

1985 5th April 17 Black Dog Boozers Bow Street Fudgers Terry Gant Wet

1986 28th March 22 Black Dog Boozers Bow Street Fudgers Ian Gardner N/A Fine

1987 17th April 25 Black Dog Boozers Punters Paddy Graham Jackie Hodge Sunny

1988 1st April 26 Black Dog Boozers Bow Street Fudgers Colin Gardner Jen LeBon Fine

1989 24th March 28 Black Dog Boozers Handcross Rebels Paddy Graham Eve Vine Fine

1990 13th April 22 Black Dog Boozers Moonshiners Tony Jones Jackie Staples Wet

1991 29th March 28 Moonshiners Black Dog Boozers Darren Ray Jen LeBon Fine

1992 17th April 22 TennKy Sharpshooters Lions De Lyon Darren Ray Eve Vine Wet

1993 9th April 17 Moonshiners Handcross Rebels Darren Ray Jen LeBon Wet

1994 1st April 20 Black Dog Boozers Handcross Rebels Paddy Graham Alison Ray Wet

1995 14th April 15 Barrel Scrapers Black Dog Boozers Paul Smith Jen LeBon Sunny

1996 5th April 20 Black Dog Boozers Moonshiners Darren Ray Alison Ray Dry

1997 28th March 21 Handcross 49ers Black Dog Boozers Colin Gardner Jen LeBon Sunny but Windy

1998 10th April 17 Black Dog Boozers Barrel Scrapers Simon Monahan Jen LeBon Very Wet

1999 2nd April 21 Black Dog Boozers Handcross Rebels Simon Monahan Jen LeBon Fine/Sunny

2000 21st April 20 Black Dog Boozers Barrel Scrapers Simon Monahan Jen LeBon Fine/Sunny

2001 13th April 19 Johnson Jets Handcross 49ers Mark Parsons Alison Reimer Fine/Sunny

2002 29th March 22 Saxonia Globe Snippers Black Dog Boozers Benny Mehnert Jen McGowan Fine/Sunny

2003 18th April 20 Saxonia Globe Snippers 1st MC Erzgebirge Chris Pampel Jen McGowan Fine/Sunny

2004 9th April 27 Saxonia Globe Snippers 1st MC Erzgebirge Chris Pampel Jen McGowan Fine/Sunny

2005 25th March 23 Barrel Scrapers Handcross 49ers Simon Monahan Susi Joswick Fine/Sunny

2006 14th April 23 1st MC Erzgebirge Handcross 49ers Darren Ray Gabi Mühlisch Rain then Fine and Sunny

2007 6th April 23 1st MC Erzgebirge I 1st MC Erzgebirge II Darren Ray Alison Reimer Sunny and warm

2008 21st March 21 Yorkshire Meds 1st MC Erzgebirge Halim Tata Leila Kara sunny but cold, rain latter

2009 10th April 16 Yorkshire Meds Handcross 49ers Halim Tata Alison Reimer Wet

2010 2nd April

check out this page http://www.usmarbles.org/memories.htm scroll down to the 2000 champions. Did Sam only want to list the European teams?

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"Everyone wants to kiss the marble!" ? (lol - don't know what that means but it's cute)

About that list,

First, I still need to reformat it for this page.

I think I can get a decent, readable format, but I'll have to pull Sam's file back up to sort it all out. Gotta go find his email.

After that, I'll try to figure out what you're getting at. Did he get an entry wrong? Or did he leave out a whole category? Sorry, I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of that tournament.

*off to find his email*

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I don't think you missed anything. I just wouldn't be surprised if he didn't include the fact that the USA team won the 2000 Tournament at the Greyhound Pub in Tinsley Green. whether he adds it or not. It would make a great trivial discussion piece on who actually won when it's discussed years down the road.

everyone wants to kiss that marble because only the US Marble Champs can kiss that marble. In order to play in that tournament you either have to be a National Champ or over the Nationals age limit of 14 to play in the tournament.

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  • 2 months later...

Winners List 1932 to 2010.pdfThere seems to have been a few problems with the list of winners and the layout, so I have saved it as pdf – I hope that this solution work for you all.

Member 99marbles131 mentioned that the American team from 2000 was not on the list, this is easily solved. The British and World Marbles Championship is a team event, teams of six players take part and the highest scorer in the first round go onto play in the individuals.

When we have international teams come over we hold a separate ‘International tournament’ for the Fenn Cup, This cup presented by Percy Fenn, in memory of his late father who came to England from New York many years before. This cup was first played for in 1953.

As Internationals are held only occasionally they have not been added to the main list but can be found in my article on ‘International Marbles at Tinsley Green’ as it has been on the marble museum web site for quite a long time, this has not been amended to cover the International tournament in 2000.

My new web site greyhoundmarbles.com has lots about Tinsley Green and others marbles events and will soon be hosting an updated page to cover the 2000 international. Until I can post it this is what it’s going to say.

"In 2000 Jeff Kimmell who runs the US Marble Championships in Middletown, Maryland brought over 10 players ranging in age from 14 to 35. Most of these players were champions of some sort or another

After the main event we had a three way International competition Britain, Germany and the USA the results were USA 6 points, Britain 3 points and Germany nil. After the International there was a fun challenge match between Robbie Nicholson and the Individuals champion ‘Monny’ (Simon Monahan), which meant that Robbie could say he had beaten a world champion."


Sam McCarthy-Fox

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Thank you for the .pdf, Sam.

No excuse for me taking so long to work on fixing the version in my post. I just sorta ran out of steam.

Congrats on getting your website up and running.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Steph - do you have any information on the Harrisburg, PA tournaments by any chance? Here is what I have...it isn't much.

1923 (1st Annual) -

1924 (2nd Annual) -

1925 (3rd Annual) -

1926 (4th Annual) - Chappie Reidell

1927 (5th Annual) - Chappie Reidell

1928 (6th Annual) - Gladys Coleman

1929 (7th Annual) - Curtis Banks

1930 (8th Annual) - Earl Follett

1931 (9th Annual) -

1932 (10th Annual) -

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