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Good Old Marble Auction!


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We have been working to put together a good old fashioned monthly marble auction and it is finally going to happen.

No absentee bids, No internet bids, No buyers premium, No reserves, all sells to the highest bidder! This is our first and we already have consignments set up for many more, including an enormous collection from Illinois (probably in June)

This first auction is Sunday May 3rd

here is the info


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That's the concept, I've traveled to too many auctions where you end up bidding against absentee bidders or internet bids and you have no idea if those bids are legit. Also, we want people to examine the marbles in hand before they bid and don't want to get involved with mailing them out, waiting for payments to arrive, unhappy purchases etc. Like I said, just a good old fashioned marble auction, they bid and we hand them the marble, and it's done. Every lot sells, even if it is 1 cent!

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