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Favorite Non-haematinum And/or Non-opaque Ox(like) Examples

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Here are a couple of provocative examples of mine which once upon a time I wished were ox. Now I just want the 2nd one to be understood because it's WEERD!

The first is 13/16". click for larger images.

IDed_as_mk_13_16ths_b-1.jpg IDed_as_mk_13_16ths_c-1.jpg

The 2nd is 5/8".


In both cases, at least some of the red seems opaque at least some of the time but it is transparent or translucent and in some views looks very plain. The 2nd case is especially weird. The red is like a gel. A glistening gel which is hovering in the matrix. How it appears seems to depend on how the light hits it.

What are your favorite non-standard (non-opaque and/or non-Haematinum) ox-ish reds in the generally brick-like range?

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Haematinum huh, had to look that one up...its not in the English dictionary

if you were after "Hematin" it is Arabic - meaning "A bluish black, amorphous substance contanin iron and obtained from blood...." aside from sounding a bit dracula-ish - I guess it is a close 'nuff meaning for what you are looking for....

something red that is not oxblood but kinda sorta close - is that it?

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something red that is not oxblood but kinda sorta close - is that it?


That could include some non-akro versions of 'oxblood'.

It would be cool to see them without arguing about "why is that less oxblood than akro's version". By using "non-haematinum", I hoped to step around that argument. Hoped that anyone reading this site recently would also have read Brian Graham's page here, Melting Oxblood or Haematinum red glass, and thus would know what I meant.

Quick note re: hematin. Haematinum red is different from that. The active metal is copper not iron. There are other terms which could have been used, such as haematinone.

But yup, that's what I meant -- "not oxblood but kinda sorta close".

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