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Welcome Back,ray Laubs.

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I heard you are back from your trip.Welcome back to the states.

Thanks Fishslayer. Im only have a little less than a week before I fly back to Iraq for another 5 months minimum. Been wanting to get the glass shop fired up but doesnt look like thats going to happen on this round.

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Sir, I salute you. My sister was over there several years ago and to go through that extreme heaat, the HUGE bugs (spiders as big as a man's hand etc) and to continue to do your duty...God bless you!

Be well and be safe.

:-) Felicia

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Hey Ray!! I guess I've been outta the loop on this! What in the cornbread hell are you doin' in Iraq??

Damn it, stay safe, man... And, be in touch when you can.

Did I mention stay safe??

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