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Gail...sister Of Coolbreez

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This afternoon I recieved an email from Windy and she asked that I share with you. Her sister Gail is very sick appears to have few days to live.

Gail has fought a brave battle with cancer. With the help of God, she has lived long enough to see her youngest daughter Amy graduate from high school a year early and now with luck will see her married on Sunday at the church where Gail was a minister.

When given the terrible news the family and parishiners have scrammbed to put together a wedding many months before it had bee planned.

As a present to Gail and her daughter the church where she preached is giving the wedding to Amy and Tyler...church, flowers, vocalists, photographers, a reception, etc.

Please say a prayer or two for Gail, Amy, and Tyler that Gail is there to see her daughter married.

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Thank you everyone! We had a beautiful wedding! And my sissy got to she her daughter get married! She was so happy! She did not think she was going to make it to Sunday for the wedding!She told me last night that she will never give up the fight. I did tell her that it was ok if she wanted to. She has been so brave and strong battling for her life. She is amazing! Hospice was called in on Monday. They could not believe that she went to a wedding on Sunday! Think you for your prayers! Windy

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Windy, I'm so sorry I missed this (I've been at my Dad's this week) I'm so glad everything worked out. Marble Karma never fails!!!

What do we say when "Get well soon" just doesn't cut it??

Here's to wishing Gail peace, calm and strong will!!!

Hang in, girl.... Hugs to the care-giver. It's a tough, tough gig.... :)

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