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Always Check Wrappers

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HAH!! So i got some mibs sent to me awhile back from a friend and still had the box sitting here, it had some Cullet in it so i kind of left it in there until i wanted to get it out and look at it again. So i got the box out today and was emptying it out because i needed a box to put some mibs in i purchased today at the flea market and started taking out the News Paper wrappings, when i was crumbling the wrappers up i felt Marbles in the news paper!! WOW didn't even realize they was in there until today and from the looks of it they are Dug Examples of some really neat Alleys !!

Thanks Mr ?? :D Best to always check the darn wrappers when you get mibs shipped !!

Will post a few pics tonight of the Mibs i found hidden in the News Paper :music-rocker-001:

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Ok so here they are, some of you im sure know where they came from, they look Dug to me, i almost don't want to clean the dirt off, it gives them a bunch of character...



This is why you always check all the wrapping in your package LOL

Note: i had this box of wrapping an Cullet for some time now, so this was a GREAT surprise!!

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