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2" Cat's Eyes

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I saw some 1 7/8" to 2" cat's eyes at my local flea market the other day 2 color veins in a greenish glass the seller was asking 2 bucks each 9he is a regular and will have them this weekend) do they sound familiar to anyone and is that a fair price (I know it's inexpensive, but was going to buy a 5 or 6) thanks for your advice in advance

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I think it is a very fair price. Probably the big Vacors nonetheless I don't think they're showing up as a regular thing these days. You might though take a look at Peter Caparelli's Land of Marbles and see what's being offered in the way of oversized Mega Marbles(Vacor's USA distributor). Might be a better bulk buy but I'm not sure. David Chamberlain

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