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Did The U.s. Export Marble-Making Technology?


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Here's one of those topics I think I once was on my way to understanding but instead of getting more focussed it has gotten more fuzzy. I could try to recreate the info - in order to ask the question "intelligently" - but I've decided to just toss it out on the table and see what happens.

The U.S. has exported marble-making technology, right?

Some individuals or companies may have done it, but also the U.S. government in an official foreign relations way? Frank Sellers is cited in AMMM (p. 38) as saying his grandfather Lawrence Alley was invited by the government to go to Japan to help them set up marble factories but his health prevented him from going.

And I think I also heard about this in connection with marbles made in South America. But I'm not sure.

Anyone know the scoop on this?

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