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Ooh good pic for a question I've been meaning to ask. ya know what gives newer marbles an oily sheen? aw heck, I don't know personally, but I think it might be high sodium content of the glass? Recently read something which seemed maybe to imply that. Now seems an okay time to ask.


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I love a good red white and blue debate! LOL.

Here's from a CAC box, just for fun.


Here's the windjet mib in question.


Note, I use "red, white and blue" loosely. The seller described the mib as blue, white and orange. (with 2 shades of blue)

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And for easy access, one of Alan's RWB pix from his Ravenswood thread.

Again, I'm being loose with the concept of "red". Alan's description is "an opaque white based swirl with a bright blue and trnsparent honey-amber swirl"


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Barewood knows. LOL i am betting he knows who I bought it from in clarksburg too? (no it wasn't roger)

it is a dug akro. there were only a very snall amount of these found. this was a number of years back.

Hey barewood... when are you going to list some more killer marbles?

I thought it would be fun to show that one cannot always know for sure what company made a marble simply by what it 'appears' to be. :lol:

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I did finally get around to checking out that Ravenswood post by Alan. Wonderfully informative. I have some disagreement with what have been determined as 'premium' types and no so premium. Keep in mind that I've gone through numerous 50 lb boxes of Ravenswood marbles from that 1987 find and practically done a statistical study of them. There are varieties that are so uncommon and so nice that they might only amount to a pound or two in 30,000 marbles. In the main though it is a great teaching thread. Thankfully Ravenswood marbles are still easily affordable otherwise I suspect they'd be in for contentiousness as much as Christensen marbles are in some respects. David

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Yeah, i love that thread and can't thank Alan enough, although i do partly blame him and that thread for my WV Swirl fetish :lol:

It's good to debate, me and Ron had a nice talk about the ones in question being Ravenswood, he was waiting on some mullet ( o wait we aren't talking about SP ) i meant cullet and hasn't got back to me yet.

David im sure you got some really nice WV stuff, so i think it's time you got around to learning how to post pics, i want to see some of the types your considering Premiums, i'm always game for stuffing my brain with marble facts :lol:

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