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Handmade Name?


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I still wish folks would post handmades in the main area. And trust us to be gentle with you for it.

Many of the principally handmade collectors don't look in the ID forum. "Their" mibs just don't show up that often.

I wanna know more about this one, goshdarnit! LOL So I'm moving this.

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looks like a naked thick ribbon peppermint core.




Yep, naked (no outer deco) thick single-ribbon core. Really thick, but the construction keeps it in the ribbon category, rather than the solid core category, I think.

Nice one!

(And a relief! I started with and still love and collect the old ones, but don't see many here. Bring 'em out of the woodwork - - -)


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I'll throw "lobed peppermint swirl" out there.

Without the clear glass where the ribbon looks pinched flat, those parts of the core would be closer to the surface. 2 red stripes for every blue stripe on a peppermint swirl is a common combo - and Voila - there you have it.

lol Sure is a fat ribbon though (I'm still looking for a "cased clambroth with lobing")

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