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How interested are you in keeping the full width? Photobucket would let you upload an image with that many KB. You might have to change a setting to keep it from automatically shrinking the dimension but it's doable.

To get it as an attachment here, I think the KB needs to be under 450.

Do you have a PC? With Windows Paint? That can be used for a quick resize. 612 KB actually sounds sort of "efficient" for an image that wide. Thus, reducing the image only a small amount (say down to 80% of original) might actually make the KB grow. If that's so, then 60% sounds like it might still be a good size and that should get the filesize under 450 KB.

Or you could email it to me. LOL. And I could play with it!

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You may have the rest figured out before I can type this.

Under the photobucket thumbnail, hopefully, there should be something which reads something like:


If you see that, you can copy it and paste it into your message.

If you want to make a thumbnail for it, for faster loading, that's a little more complicated. Not hard. But more complicated.

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