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Ot - Out Of The Darkness Walk


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Good Morning,

I don't post on these boards much, I'm usually at LOM. I realize most of you go there too but I wanted to blanket the marble world lol. For those of you that don't know, a man that I cared very much for decided to end his life on Memorial Day this year. Some of you may have met him at the Kokomo Show last year. For that reason and many others I've decided to try and complete the walk for suicide prevention this year. Below is the post that I posted on LOM.

You can also see his tribute at http://www.respectance.com/Scott_Douglas_Mills/

This may be wrong of me to do and if it is please delete it or lock it. I just registered for our local Out of the Darkness Walk. It's a fundraiser for suicide prevention. I'm walking for Scott. I'm not sure how long I will be able to with my health right now but I'm going to try to complete it. If anyone wants to donate it goes to a good cause. A $1 donation is perfect and can be done with paypal.


Edit... Rhonda, I had trouble with this link, but found you in the site... Hopefully, this link will work better...

Rhonda's Donation Page

On the right hand side is a list called Top Fundraisers. Click on Rhonda Krol.

Even if you don't want to donate I still wanted to let you know about these walks and some may even be in your area!



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'Morning Rhonda,

I feel the primary purpose of these chat boards is for..... Well..... Chat!!!

Yes, we have a common interest and topic... But, we are also friends and care about each other.

IMHO, your post is PERFECTLY appropriate.

I've learned a lot of things here, that have nothing to do with marbles. I just can't imagine what could be wrong with that...

I'm so sorry for your loss.... That's a really tough wall to get around.

Hang in and walk strong....

PS... I can't find the spot for a Paypal donation... Gotta run now, will try later...

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I want to thank everyone for their support on this. The messages, pm's and emails were all wonderful! I went to the walk yesterday just hoping to be able to do some of it as I was healing from a 3 week bout of pneumonia. I actually did the whole thing!

It was a bittersweet day with lots of memories both good and bad. For those of you that don't know, Benton County has the highest suicide rate in the State of Indiana. Although I did this for Scott there were quite a few others I knew that had chosen to leave this world including a 10 year old boy and a 17 year old girl. I still find it hard to comprehend how someone can get so desperate that they can't manage to try for just one more day. My mind is healthy enough to accept their decision but my heart will never let go of the "what if's".

I would also like to extend a special thanks to Chuck and Diane Brandstetter, Al Rasmus and Joe Street. I never thought that when I decided to collect marbles that I would find such a wonderful group of friends!

Scott and my youngest kids.

About 150 people showed up for the walk, 90% students which was awesome!

Our memories being sent to the sky. Joe, I let one go for you!!

Thanks Again!!





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