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What We Okies Do Down On The Farm.....


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As most of you know that read these we love to go out to the old farm steads ( sometimes nothing left but a foundation of an old house) and hunt for marbles. Sometimes we get lucky and find one or two....... but today was JACKPOT!!!!!! At an old dairy there was a little building that held full cans of milk to be cooled by cold water. These were held in big troughs filled with water from a windmill that sat next to the little building. These troughs are now filled with dirt and debree from pack rats! BUT digging through this nasty stuff.... we found 75 marbles!!! ( and some old toys including a red rider bebe gun, soda bottles , and odds and ends) I know to some these are just old dinged up marbles, but the fun is in the hunt. In all it took about 3 hours to dig these up, so here they are.

they range in all sizes from one inch to peewee. The peewees I have never seen before. SOme of them are blue with a gold stripe from pole to pole. The white peewees have a maroon stripe and an oxblood like color stripe. Any info on these would be appriciated.


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I would REALLY like to see those white peewee's in hand.

The ones with the stripe's remind me of the oxblood peewees that came IN THE BAG of the Akro popeye tins.

How far are you from Duncan where Buddy lives?

He can take excellent closeup pictures.

A gold stripe...... now that is interesting.


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What a nice find :music-rocker-001:

I agree that when finding marbles condition is secondary to just finding some marbles.

I can spend hours digging in the dirt only to find some chipped up, dirty or just plain clear marbles and still call it a good day!

Congrats on the find sounds like you had some fun and the BB gun and the rest is a cool bonus.

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