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Take A Deep Breath..........


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OK.... I don't know what prompted me to begin posting again. It certainly wasn't in my plans, it just happened (Just as my not posting wasn't planned)

There are many things that are FAR more important that I need to be doing right now. But, I'm here... Can I stay?? It's up to you.

It's come to my attention that there are some "faction differences..."

Meaning, there are a few different groups of friends who seem to be feuding.... :fighting-109:

I am NOT going to try to get to the bottom of it... I am NOT going to try to resolve it.

Because.... What I hear of it, is just plain STUPID!!!

I know a lot of things have been deleted and there's nothing we can do about that, now....

I REALLY don't wanna hear the "He said" / "She said"....

If I get that stuff, I'm just gonna move on to the work I'm supposed to be doing and you guys can continue to throw sand at each other in the sand box....

Some people take things way too literally.... EASE UP!!!

Others take offense to the literal.... EASE UP!!!

If your posting seems literal, but is intended to be humorous, for goodness sake, SAY SO!! (Or at least, add an LOL) Some people take literal as...... well....... LITERAL!!!

In the very second you feel yourself getting too serious, walk away until you can come back and post with a smile.... :rolleye-842:

This is supposed to be a fun place. Let's focus on it and get back to that.

OK?? Can we do that?? Just cut it from here and move on??

Breath deep... Relax.... Move on down the river... Life is short...

Marbles are supposed to be FUN.......

There ya go................. :party-243:

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Well put "Sue" TY... I feel very much the same way. really, I am to new here to totally understand what's going on, but I really don't care for it. On the verge of leaving here myself.

Lou deletes threads because their "Off Topic", Well your post and this post are off topic... Why do we not have a "Lounge" or "Canteen" forumparty-780.gif , specifically for off topic chat??? The moderators could monitor what goes on in there easy enough...evil-grin-smileys-111.gif Then there couldn't be anything off topic...

IMHO of course...wacko.gif

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Gene, Lou doesn't delete threads for being off-topic. OT threads are perfectly okay. Preferably they say OT in the title but that's not a hard and fast rule either.

The problem has been threads which started off as a certain topic and then were turned into something much different.

Friendly little detours are okay. Even meandering far from the point, in some circumstances. You know how it can happen. But when the unfriendliness and general politics were throwing off good threads that's where the line was to be drawn.

What Lou started doing, and what I was responsible for doing while he was on sabbatical, was to remove posts which were derailing otherwise good threads. Either "unapproving" the posts, or routing them down to the Board of Inquiry.

So OT threads are okay. Threads being hijacked and made off-topic, not so much.

Fwiw, we've had a lounge but it had the problem of newbies posting friendly off-topic stuff down there and not being noticed. So we got rid of the lounge and said, let's hang up here.

We didn't even have a separate ID forum at the time. Because things weren't busy enough to justify it.

Maybe things are "busy" enough to think about it again. But just so you know OT is OK.

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