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Leroy Has Worked His Magic Again


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Hi all well I just got back three marbles sent to Leroy and boy do they look great just thought I would share . Mike





The biggest is 1.960 the light green base is 1.840 and the colored sulfide is only 1.300 . A big thanks to Leroy for all the special time these took .


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It's a Chinese 'sulphide', made around 1920. Sometimes they even combined colored dots of glass together with painted figures.

Got it -- then these are probably related to those georgeous "confetti" (some used to call them "cloud") marbles that are so hard to find, that people have recently been thinking are Chinese instead of German? Anyway, wow. Sure would like to see some - - -


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As I've been collecting marbles for a long time (30+ years), I'm wondering if there are very many sulphide marbles like the one pictured. I have seen and handled a lot of marbles over the years and that is the first and only one of those that I've ever seen. If you know of or have seen some of these please post about them. Maybe we can talk Mike into posting a picture of his large one. Later----Leroy----

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