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thanks all---i'm a bit excited, i didn't really think i'd ever get there!!

edna--i'm always on the lookout for the box, but from what i've seen i'll probably get the box about the time i get the "Master Loaf" and "Tom Mix" (which is right after i win the lottery!!! LOL)

i think the best thing about this set is that (relatively) is was pretty inexpensive--the most i spent on any single marble was around $80 (the Kayo, of course--and i considered that a SUPER STUPENDOUS deal)---and i traded for a couple.

it just took a little time and a LOT of patience (there was many an ebay auction i just wanted to say "SCREW IT" and put in $500 just to have the little sucker!! lol).


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thanks again all!

dustin, i hope you're talkin' about NLR's--i can't imagine a more futile effort than trying to get every color of rainbo (that would be like getting every color combo of corks...LOL)--just when you think you have them another pops up!!

it's certainly a fun HUNT though!!!

and the comics are all in super condition (i was pretty picky)--Andy has one small ding and is the only one missing ANY glass (not even bubble pops, if you can believe that!!)!


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