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6 Four Colored Popeyes

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Well, I got the center one some time back and thought it was a pretty rare combo, until I found these 5 today all in the same place. They have the following color combo of orange, dark red/brown, turquoise and a thin line of baby blue. Anyone know anything about these?

Any help is greatly appreciated,



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Those are beautiful Craig! You sure can find the sweet marbles. Is it my imagination or is the center mib a lot bigger than the others?

I would have to say that the color combo is very unusual and on the rare side. I have never seen any like them and this Olive Oyl has seen plenty of the old Popeyes.

Thanks for the peek!

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So are we seeing a clue about how those two colors - the orange and the green - behaved in the furnace?

How hard it was for the color batches to mix, or how easy it was for them to separate . . . or sumpin.

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