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More Popeyes For Penelope

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Here's a box from one of Marblealan's auctions. Popeye marbles are named after the box. They're not the only marble style which was sold in the Popeye boxes. They're in the boxes a lot though and won the name.

Their real name to Akro back in the 30's was Tri-Onyx Agates.

(click pix to enlarge)

th_post-279-1187048919.jpg th_post-279-1187048927.jpg th_post-279-1187048934.jpg th_post-279-1187048941.jpg th_post-279-1187048947.jpg

p.s., here's a close-up of two marbles from that box. One is a true popeye patch - a marble which was meant to be a cork but didn't get spun.

(click to enlarge)


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