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Pictures Of Akro Agate Marbles

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got a few of them, Orb!

If I ever get off my ass and reset a picture place, I have added some neat stuff.


love them b/w/y gentlemen

favorite cork damnitman, I do like these big assed boys

but in Your Cork Collection

damnitman mission accomplished x100

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Nice marbles, Folks! Here's a Blue Blood I traded for some nice WV Swirls. Hmmm . . . ya' think that's got anything to do with the fact that I have a pitiful Akro collection? lol.


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I just went looking hoping that that wasnt the one that "broke my lill heart" It may have been.

I didnt see it but that dont mean I aint got it, If it wasnt a for a few glimpses behind the scenes of others I would say I got the most unorganized marble mess in existance.


1" clear based Ox/ with the powder blue. edit: oh yea, yoke/buttermilk/burnt ox whaa!olelordy!!whaa!

Almost my favorites

cept for a few hundred others, lol


it is

mine but someone else owns it.

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its out of my dug collection BJ(listed as aventurine - not, got no problems with it though), I really expect that area of my collection to accumalate Value. It will be the unusual not the annealed Supers and more common rejects. There are some very rare combos with anneals, that will $

Big Akro fan Some crazy stuff in the dugs, love the double sparklers!

Big Board is right, Dave - folks looks like the smallest there is 7/8", those big White/pink/yellow kill merare. and that 1" Auger BAMya could drill a hole with that babie and thoose Moonie based!

definately its them thats favorites, no wait that OX

damnitman, david

big boy has such a lovely home

and his ole simple ass holds his own

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Thought I might of seen one of these hiding in the grass earlier, but Orbboy's turned out to be much nicer . . . another gone for WV swirls. I gotta quit doing that!


Anyone got WV swirls to swap for Akro? lol

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