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**new** Need Help Jabo Plz

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I am brand new to this forum and brand new to marbles. I live in the UK and played with the cats eye marbles in the 1970,s and have very fond memories and has sparked my interest in collecting some marbles for fun and maybe future Cash for my children when I die.

I have collected a few torch made signed contempary marbles but nothing has excited more than these Jabo special runs like Rainbows etc

They keep popping up on ebay (in USA) in wooden boxes and look lovely like...


hope that linked worked.

I do love Master Sunbursts etc but I am to new and will get scammed with fakes I know i will.

My other problem is postage from USA is more than most marbles I have looked at!

so I would love to know if the Jabos (special runs) etc are worth collecting now if I like the look of them and will be *special* in say 40-50 years from now and are they crazy overpriced on Ebay as I dont know where else to look for the Jabo Specials all I get in UK is Catseyes!

Hope you can help me guys and gals and give me a few pointers as Marbles dont seem to be all that popular in UK.

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Hi Delotronic,

Have you checked out House of Marbles?


There was also the Tinsley Green marble tournament over there. It's traditionally held every year on Good Friday.

There are a few people here who are in the UK and I think some have mentioned going to shops, flea markets and car boot as places to find marbles...although, I'm not sure if any Jabo's would be there.

Jabo's are nifty and fun marbles to look at, that's for sure. Couldn't tell you about the future but I pray only good things for Jabo.

Maybe if you keep looking around ebay and compare prices?

Then maybe ask here if this is a person of good reputation and someone can let you know?

:-) Felicia

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Galen, Thanks for the plug.

Delotronic welcome aboard.Come hang out. ALL Jabo, ALL the time.

Speaking Jabos...check out this one from the Mamie Family Run.


Looks like a lizard to me (with his tongue out).

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Hey a fellow Limey on board. Welcome. I'm in Canada though. Still a pure-blood Limey all the way. Hope your in the east of England so you stay out of my Mums stomping grounds in the West. There are lots of great marbles to be had in the U.K both handmade and machine made.

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