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You Just Never Know . . .


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what you're gonna find bouncing around in a box with a bunch of Asian cat's eyes. It's 5/8", has a ground/faceted pontil on the bottom and what looks like a melted pontil on top. I think it's an end of cane onion skin . . . but I am still pretty much clueless with handmades so . . . any thoughts?


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This is a mica with similar story and except for the "mica", your marble reminded me of this one.


It lived for some time in my marbles for giveaway about 11/16" probably a little less, best excuse for missing it,

when I did notice it, at first glance I thought fried marble.




Ric, I was thinking the style so maybe the age were similar, and this one is early as I believe yours is.

that faint core (material/glass) is what reminded me of your "cloud" along with the base look/style.

the air entrapments, mine has a huge one.

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Thanks for your thoughts, folks. I guess about the only thing we know for sure about this marble is that it's not an Asian Cat's Eye. :lol: And David, that's a wild looking thing too - LOTS of Mica. Although, it sorta does look like there's a core hidden in there somewhere. Any other thoughts will also be appreciated.

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This is not the place to have this info/discussion but there is a need to clarify some hand made terms with accurate descriptions and pictures. What I am talking about are terms like: ""cloud," "end of cane,"

"broken cane," "loop," "atomic bomb." "road and tunnel," "single pontil" and those beautiful flared-end hand mades that look like flowers. Have some examples, but my picture taking abilities do not do justice to these marbles. And sorry. I will not send them to a volunteer photographer.

no braid

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I didnt make the comparison I meant to earlier.

"mica" "cloud" are terms, I use without much understanding of them.

This mica is not really a "mica", it obviously is,

but in this marble it is a "core", built (inserted?) built around(?) a small amount of what appears the same material as in Rics marble.

I have thought of my marble as a very early "Mica"

but then we tend to call anything with mica a mica.

It is the style or techinque or beginning of one, I think relates these marbles to each other.

Handmades are really better left to someone else to ponder, but I'm thinking that this style is not far past "Grieners"

in terms of age?????????


another view


huge air entrapment


Rics appears to be "The Eternal Flame"

also I believe we have 19th century air samples entrapped (lol) probably toxic

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I dont think mine is a "Mica"

I dont think Rics is a "Cloud" (it could be "THE CLOUD")

I dont think, end/beginning of cane. (edit: pre-manufactured cane??)

These are, all handmade, with a core

before canes.

speculation here and bout far as my understanding can take me.




my understanding of "cane"

is also at issue

so "in shop made cane" would still fit into what I am trying to speculate???

I have a lot of what I speculate to be differant era "Micas" this marble has few similarities to my other "micas" cept for that shiney stuff.

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Mica doesnt seem near as confusing as a term like "cloud".

To me I'm starting to see what may be a style that can be distingished from other eras.

Speculation, entirely a question and out of my range.



edit after post below:

as easy as pointing to an era,

I could speculate that odd marbles such as these were from all eras (and they were),

lunch time, after hours,

experimentals, from Artist,

or Apprentice.

Mine or Rics, I have no reason to speculate are dug.

There is though a huge influx now of newly dug German Handmades and some ""similarly"" odd stuff is appearing.

I think mine is a early ""style"" but would be interested in what ya'll think.

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According to Don Taylor (Captain Marble) in an Amana presentation many years ago: mica is indeed mica that has been washed in a salt solution to enable adhesion to the glass. His father, a chemist with experience in the field supplied him with the information.

Looks to me like there are three groups of mica marbles ----

The snowflakes (an original catalogue name which seem to be quite crude frequently with surface irregularities with smaller ones having rough pontils. The snowflake marbles did not seem to be very successful sellers frequently relegated to the level of game marbles on General Grant's board. The existence of so many single pontil snowflakes probably indicates they were not cane cut in the normal fashion.

Another with mica inclusions were the multi colored "end of cane" marbles that had varying degrees of mica sprinklings from slight to thick blizzard coating over the outer layer of colored canes prior to the final dip in clear glass.

And last were the marbles like some rare peppermint swirls with only one colored cane (blue) having mica on it. There is unconfirmed speculation that these red, white and blue (with mica stars in the blue) peppermint marbles were made around the time of the 1876 USA centennial to look like our flag. For a while some collectors called them "Unions." One of these large "Unions" was pictured on the cover of the Smithsonian Magazine a number of years ago.

No braid

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In 1913 in a German pricelist the peppermint with mica was called "Union mit Sternen" (union with stars). I don't know how long the name had been around before that. (That's all I got! lol. back to watching!)

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WOW Ric, kewl find, I'd be doing a chicken dance if I came across a find like that in a box of cateyes.

sweet marble :music-rocker-001:

David, yours is wayyyyy kewl too. I'm not sure how/if it was twisted, infused, dipped, gillflurted, and caned with an onion on a cloudy day, but if it were mine, I'd put it in my mica pile.

well, actually I'd have to get a pile of micas, then I'd put it in that pile.

thanks for the info Steph and No braid. I'll write that in my journal.... well, first I'll have to get a journal, then I'll write the info in it.


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