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Image Extension Not Allowed???


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I've had the same image host for several years now and in the past have had no trouble posting pics in this forum. I recently dove back into this site and have posted a few pics. Last week I attempted to post several pics and a couple of them wouldn't load with a red warning that said 'You can't use that image extension on this site!' I didn't really give a second thought and went on. So today I attempted to load different pics and this time they all were blocked with the same message. Any ideas? I use imagecave.. As you can see, my avatar pic shows up and is hosted on imagecave as well.

Thanks for any help.


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It might be the code you are using rather than the image extension. First, I guess I could ask what the extension is. Are they .jpg's?

But in case it's about the code, make sure that you have a single


in front of the web address and a single


on the other end.



If that doesn't work, we'll try it again! -s

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Well,,,, I just tried posting again and got the same message. I double checked all of my urls and made sure that the img thingy was there... I give up for tonight. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow maybe not. Thanks again for you assistance Steph.



So why the heck does it work now???????

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