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Almost On-Topic - Sorta Glassy


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Here's a quotation with the names of some shades of copper-based glazes.

Those derived from copper give the more or less fanciful names of "sang-de-boeuf" "sang de poulet" "sang de pigeon," crimson, crushed strawberry, maroon, liver colour, and that curious tint known as peach bloom or peach blow.

Chats on oriental china, by J. F. Blacker, 1908

Anyone here just happen to have any examples of these other coppery colors lying around? The sang-de-boeuf is oxblood but what does chicken blood (sang de poulet) or pigeon blood look like, for example? lol

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Gorgeous! . . wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

A little google is a dangerous thing but what I just read was that the peachblow glass came after the peachblow ceramics. http://www.theglassmuseum.com/peachblow.htm

Found some pix of chicken blood (literally and in mineral form). Led me to think that chicken blood as a color might be somewhere around the darker pink shade on the pieces pictured here: Chicken-Blood Stone and A Jixue (chicken blood) stone seal.

And this is billed as a pigeon blood vase: Japanese Ginbari Cloisonne Vases akasuke or pigeon blood. And here are some stones: Pigeon Blood Red Rubies.

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Looks like the same red in my lamp. I meant to say that the vase is ca. 1750 and was made into a lamp much later.

The colors are still enamel Steph but applied to a copper base in the case of my vase/lamp.

As far as the marble I see some kind of blood alright.

If you want older here is an ancient glass piece. I see some blood red on this piece too. Been awhile since I've shown this.


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This perfume bottle is what is called Ruby glass.

I read somewhere that it's made somehow by adding gold to molten glass,simply said.

I wonder myself now do or did they use(d) gold for red glass marbles aswell?.



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