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Marbles In Memory

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A dear friend, Weldon Eaton, has passed away.

Weldon loved to give marbles to children. He kept them in the front pocket of his overalls. At his home in Texas, he and Edna have a marble tree out front where, in the hollows that the roots created, they left hundreds of marbles for children to collect as they walked passed.

I would like to help continue that tradition by leaving marbles on his grave. An anonymous donor is having a stone vessel made in which to place the marbles.

Weldon had a huge amount of friends all over the country. We all should have an opportunity to add to the marbles. If you would like Edna’s address please email me. When you send her your donation of marbles for Weldon’s grave, please include a note about a memory you have of Weldon or a note of condolences.

Since Edna and Weldon were a huge fan of contemporary marble-makers, I don’t want to leave you out. Maybe you could contribute in one of two ways. If you have a collection of small prototype marbles, you might be able to send those along. Or, if you wish, you could make one marble in memory of Weldon and send that to Edna to keep on a special shelf in her home.

If any of you know the email address of a Contemporary Marble-maker, please forward this to them.


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