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Complete Set Of Blackies

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Tonight (monday 2nd 6 pm Pacific time) big listing is going up - my last Superman, my Peltier Rebel, my complete set of Vitro Blackies which includes 2 really rare finds, and many others

keep an eye on my store all week as I will be adding more listings as the week progresses.


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Which two to you consider Rare?

The two in the top right corner one is white on white (actually a light tan band) the other is a green with a tan band - I have not found any others like them in all the Vitros that have passed by me - some of you older timers might have hoards of them I 'spose heheheh....and the middle row are actully really "whities" not blackies - but I figure the set stands as a great collection none the less.


Do you not consider those rare?

and the dark blue one with the solid bands is really interesting too...I almost thought it was a MK - but the cut lines are VItro to me - so its in there too.

Oh - and the set in the photo above has actually changed a bit since I added some better marbles to it - the auction listing shows the ones currently IN the set.

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