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My New...well Used Alley

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Very nice marbles. They give me this Art Deco feel. I would vote for Champion as well.


they were run by dave m. and not champ. ron has his own example, and it's in his alley box, as are mine. bill

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100% Alley from Pennsboro site. Bill has a few,i have some,and another local old time Alley collector has three. They have been sold in the past mainly as CAC and Pelt. I know 100% where every one the these above came from.

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well .. i know there are more than these out there .. elusive ... bill vienna003-1.jpg

I need help from all of you fellow mibsters. I have a very close friend that only collects one maker of marbles....ALLEY. He does not attend shows as he has issues that make traveling hard. I have attended several shows looking for an ALLEY that is in the photo to buy for him for Chirstmas. I know it is getting close to being too late, my hopes are someone knows where there is one for sale. If you have one and want to sell, PM me and we can work out the details. If you know of someone who has one, please let me know.


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