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Decatur Show


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Hello everyone,

Here is a report on the Decatur Show. It was a nice show, the drive over to Decatur was fantastic and I got to see a couple of really exceptional things there. One was a Peltier Comic collection that was insane. I was told by several in the know Peltier collectors that it was probably the best in the country. The owner wasn’t letting anyone take pictures yet, I believe that the marbles may be in an upcoming book, but he told me that he would give me a shot at them some time after that so hopefully I’ll get them up on Joemarbles.com or the forums when I get them.

Unfortunately I got there too late to catch Ron, Nancy and Bill, they brought the Alox Machine to Decatur where they gave a talk and answered questions.

Chuck has become a celebrity since the show, he’s probably also single after his confession of a marble purchase; click this link to see what I’m talking about.

1. A couple of pics of the drive over.

2. I once read that the Midwestern US was considered the world’s greatest natural resource because of its ability to produce food. Nothing to do with marbles, just thought it interesting.

3. Our destination…

4. and why we came :)


5. A couple of joker’s, Art Jones and Mike Coyle.

6. Art had this really neat watch chain with an agate attached to it.

7. As well as some outstanding marbles.

8. Here’s a “marble” that he gave my son, it’s actually a rubber ball that I thought was a marble then he bounced it off the table at me, did I mention that he was a joker?


9. James Montiel. James was at the show all three days making marbles; he spent a great deal of time talking with people as he worked. He was pretty interesting, had a cool Marley shirt as well.

10. A marble he was making for a man.

11. Another shot of said marble.

12. Some of James other glass work.


13. Joseph Cano.

14. Some of his marbles.

15. Some more of his mibs.

16. And his marble philosophy :)


17. Ryan and his eight beautiful little angels.

18. A close up of his little blue ones.

19. Lonnie Conyers sans Bud Shute, Bud went missing.

20. Lonnie had eight really interesting Kokomo’s (front row), four came home with me. My only acquisition of the show.


21. Ron Yutzy, I got to Ron too late, he had already packed up his marbles but he’s such a nice guy that I had to take a picture of him anyway. Not nearly as pretty as his marbles though.

22. Gino helping a lady.

23. Some more show goers.

24. A picture of a tractor, just to see if anyone’s still with me. We’re almost to the end :)


25. Gino Biffany and his sidekick Al. Al claims to be Gino’s chauffer and that Gino pays him in marbles.

26. Some of Gino’s marbles.

27. Some more, Gino gave my son a couple of the pretty little blue pee wees in the middle of the picture.

28. One last shot.

<a Group-7-3.jpg

29. Steve Dodson and his Aunt Barbara, Steve and Barbara were really nice. They sent a marble care package home for my kids that weren’t able to attend the show.

30. Some of Steve’s marbles.

31. The missing Bud Shute.

32. Our man and the Master of Ceremonies, Chuck. Thanks Chuck for the wonderful show that you put on, I’m looking forward to the next one already.


Celebrity Bonus Picture MOTLEY CREW

(Not to be confused with the rock band Mötley Crüe)


Thanks everyone for checking out the report, Joe.

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thanks for the show report joe. chuck has really brought the decatur show along nicely. always a good time. sorry we missed you. had to get that chunk of steel to st. louieee ... ... and bud ... was locked up .. until he promised to .. behave .. :music-rocker-001: ... bill

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