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O.t. Akro Teacup + Close-Up Photo Tip


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Took some test shots today and thought this might be a useful hint for those who haven't done a lot of close-up photos.

(This is one of those itty-bitty Akro teacups, so it might as well be a marble.)

In shot #1 the camera is very close to the cup. The front of the rim is in focus, but not much else.

In shot #2 just by moving the camera back a few inches the amount of area that's in focus is dramatically increased.

(All camera settings the same in both photos, other than re-focusing after moving back. Cropped #2 to make it the same size.)



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It's instinctive for most of us to want to get as close as we can to our subject.

Usually it's a good thing, but with close-up work even tiny adjustments can make so much difference. ( :

Yep! And with the high megapixel counts of most cameras, you really won't lose anything by pulling back and just cropping the photo. Especially for web size pictures.

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