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Hello Everyone

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That's quite a bit of camerawork you've got there!

If I make a suggestion, consider showing the whole marble in the primary auction photo. While the interior shots are great, I can't even tell that they're marbles. When I'm buying marbles on ebay, I'm not going to give it a second thought to auctions that aren't clearly marbles on the browsing page.

Though I can't buy anything ATM, I'll almost certainly be a future customer. Those marbles are rock'n!

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Thanks everyone.

Rich- I have played with 104 and 96, but just never had much success with it, maybe one day it will grab me.

Chordus- Thanks for the suggestion, I though about that when listing, but then did some that way to test it out. I will do them that way in the future if I list on ebay again.

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Also not buying anything at the moment, but after the holidays, I can see myself being selfish again. In fact, I plan on it. But . . . do you make marbles as small as 1 1/8? That's as big as I go . . . just curious, because I like what I've seen of your work . . .

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