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Favorite Jabos

Road Dog

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I don't want to steal your thread but here my box of favorite Jabos. I thought you'd like to see them.

This set of marbles is ever changing as I get a Jabo marble I think should go in there, I have to decide which one has to leave this box. I call this box the best of the best of the best.

I have a secondary case with the next level below these called the best of the best.

Oh, I also have a back-up box with the Jabos that are below the best of the best called the best Jabos...lol.

Oh yes, I am addicted and probably need a 12 step program...lol.


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Thanks for showing them. That clear pinkish base with the aventurine rules. I was eyeing one of those before.

The one from the Ace run? I think I have a few of those left Dog, I can send you a couple when I get back to the house from this job. No charge. Let me know.

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That pink glass one with the green aventurine would that possibly be one I sent your way Rich. Actually I thought I laid on you one of those smaller ones w/pink glass and green & blue with mica chunks in the swirling. There were also pink glass ones with blue swirl and mica chunks plus metallic but both of these were from the Friendship Run. I think I recognize a few others there as well but I'd be pleased if they'd only made it to the 'Best' gun case! David

Edit: I think the Aces that were in pink glass were 3/4".

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