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One Can Always Hope!


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I would like to help you both out and if I might suggest maybe a trial separation would be the best course. Attempting to put a monetary value on your lifelong friend, Aggie, is not the way to his heart. I fear you are compounding problems in your relationship with Aggie. I would be willing to give you and Aggie both a break from the mutual suffering you are experiencing. I could foster the little guy for as long as necessary but would require you to seek counseling. I strongly discourage the idea of you easing Aggie into my home by your presence and if necessary would obtain a Restraining Order if you attempted to force yourself upon us. I am feeling a special kinship with Aggie; very possibly the beginning of a meaningful relationship. I don't really believe that you want money for your friend Aggie; that you truly want what is best for him and I can provide that. Please take this into consideration. And please tell Aggie that I love him. David

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Ah, how right you are. If only I knew how to paste & copy my response here and transfer it over to this guy's auction "Ask a Question" without tripping up along the way. Maybe in light of your mutual affection for this poor victim of the economy marble you might accomplish that for me. Don't though feel any obligation even though you evidently were responsible for passing along this poor little marble to someone so unworthy although I think there may still be hope for him if only he seeks counseling from the marble Gods. Anyway, I'm only trying to do the right thing here. David

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