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Hey, we must be on the same wavelength...I just added mine last night.

I couldn't decide so I did a random selection. I think you selected better!

Avatar today...no telling what we can be up to for tomorrow....

On a sad note, I had to have my Molly girl put to sleep this afternoon. I acquired her and her broken leg in 1997. The vet thought she was about a year old then. She developed Addison's disease shortly after that....She was a good dog and friend. I am going to miss her terribly.


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Hi Edna-

Great Avatar. It looks like it suits you well.

Hello Suzie,

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I hope you can recover from losing Molly.

I lost my best friend a little over a year ago.

Here is Fritzie the new addition to our family. This is his first year birthday photo.


This little clown has been the love of my life for the last year.

Yes, He's wearing me out, but we are on the road to a long frienship.


Lloyd Huffer- Fritzies pop

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