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Four Scores And Seven Marbles Ago...

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Recently found at a local Goodwill for a buck ninety-nine. All the (half-inch or less) agate peewee's are hand faceted. The board (6 3/4" dia) could be made of maple? It has a very slight warp to the wood, so if you lay it on a flat surface and tap the edge in just the right spot, it will rock ever so slightly.

Now for all I know, this is a modern reproduction. The holes lined up for the game are not very symmetrically drilled as you can see in the pic. Also, the mibs are not perfectly faceted, as they tend to wobble a bit when rolled. Maybe for this game they didn't have to make them exactly round?

All in all it looks pretty cool in hand. Enjoy and please let me know what you think about it.





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