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More German Ephemera


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Here is some glass company paperwork. The scans are quite large. I thought about reducing them some. Then I found that decreasing the dimensions in my paint program actually increased the kilobytes in some cases. So I left them as scanned. I'll let you adjust them in your viewers. :)

Click to enlarge - might need to double click for full size

1901: An invoice? For some "separators with ring" whatever that would be


1913: Marble price list, with some accounting on the back

LMSpreis-listefront_400.jpg . . LMSpreis-listeback_400.jpg

1932: a request for payment, from Elias Greiner Vetters Sohn to Louis Müller's Söhne. Greiner and Müller's may have made similar items but for some reason Müller's bought items from Greiner. They owed money for several months and Greiner needed it to buy more supplies.


Winnie gave me some leads on what the documents say, including the great variety of items listed in the company headers. I will probably try to incorporate more of that into this post as I digest my notes. For now, this is it. (Thank you Winnie!)

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I want to add something,the accounting at the back of the price-list,I wonder if it's the German language,I do recognize only 1 word

from it.

OK it's old writing and sloppy but when it's German I should have recognize something more.

The only word i can see is:"" diverse"" (it's German and French) what means various.

I've thought of the French language but can't see that also.


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I still wanted to try to understand Winnie's header translations better before I posted them since I didn't recognize some of the words. But now I'm feeling pressured to understand faster because it sounds like it might be relevant to the Alley aventurine discussion. Maybe a little.

Unfortunately I can't understand things on a schedule. :blush: So this is just a bump for the people who are talking about glass colorants from last century. It sounds like maybe Greiner and/or Muller sold things like that.

For instance, what would glass tubes, glass rods, colors and fusion colors mean to you? Those are mentioned in the Greiner header. It sounds at least possible that some is for making other glass items.

p.s., other items mentioned in the headers are glass marbles, panorama and garden balls, Christmas decorations, eyes, et cetera. Some of the other items sound decorative and some sound more industrial/commercial.

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Using some of the keywords in the header (wasserstandsröhren, schmelzfarben and lüsters), I found this at Google books, from 1907:

Deutschlands glas-industrie


Glaskugeln are mentioned in the book. That's marbles, right? LOL. I have a long way to go even the help of Winnie and babelfish. :rolleye-842: Nevermind. Looks like it might just be a directory. But that's more keywords. There sure were a lot of glass companies.

The translation of wasserstandsröhren is water level roar. What is that?! I think I have a lead with "Irrigator mit Thermometer oder Wasserstandsröhre" from a 1910 catalog (link to catalog page).


"Irrigator mit Thermometer oder Wasserstandsröhre" translates to "irrigator with thermometer or water level tube".

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