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I picked up a couple of golf ball display cases at a local sporting goods store. I had a idea to use o-rings to keep them from rolling of the stands and bought a 180 piece set at Arbor Freight for $3.00. I should have looked closer at the box. I ended up with an assotment of gromments. They ended up working out better than orings.

The first box, I haven't identified any of the marbles except for the 4 on top that I bought on E-bay.

Box #2 the marble on top left is thought by several to be a jabo but it doesn't have the same feel as the 7 jabos next ti it that I bought on E-bay. The next down were the easiest to identify and I am hoping that those marbles might sell for enough to get a nice display case that would fit a few hundred marbles. The shelf below that contains my identified marbles.



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