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Q: General Cleaning


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Hi all! I just found this site, hello! I recently received a tub of marbles (an old Gold-n-Soft margarine tub that is older than I am I'm pretty sure) from my dad. I played with them as a kid and he did too, not sure if they were new for him or not. Anyway, my question today is how to best clean them. My parents are/were both chain smokers for as long as I can remember so these poor marbles aren't so fresh.

Advice would be great. Thanks!


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My dad was a meat manager/butcher for A&P Tea Company his whole life. They cleaned the glass cases with a mix of warm water and ammonia. I clean my glass marbles the same way. I probably use a half-cup of clear ammonia to 1/2 to a gallon of water, let them soak a little while, swirl them around some with my hands, rinse a couple times with clear water and throw a towel on the kitchen counter and roll them around to dry. I really like looking at them in the water as know you get an idea of what wet mint really is.

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Thank you both! I'm not sure why but I was concerned that soap might cloud them or leave a residue. Are all soaps safe or are there some to avoid?

I don't have ammonia but I know some people wash their windows with water and vinegar. I could try that, not sure why I didn't think of it before. :)

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