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Repairing Pocket Watch Sulphide

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This message/question is for richsantaclaus. A friend of mine owns a large, 2 3/8" diameter sulphide marble with a pocket watch inside. It has the original surface with single ground pontil. There is a fair bit of damage on the surface mostly consisting of clusters of shallow chips and flakes. There are also 2 large air pockets, one on each side of the pocket face dial and back cover. There are no cracks or fractures. Is is possible to fix this marble by cleaning up the surface and removing the air pockets ? and, if so, what are possible fallouts or things that could happen during restoration that would be to the marble's detriment. I've tried loading pictures, but, the system tells me that my files are too big and I don't know how to resize. I just had it listed on eBay and it didn't sell. The item number was 180781534712, so, if you go on eBay.com and enter this number, it will bring up this file and you will see 10 or 11 pictures from different angles. If you wish, send me your e-mail address and I can e-mail you these pictures. Thanks, Bob (Metalshelf)

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