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Cheapest Golden Rebel Ever!!

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Literally just now my auction has ended with me as the winner! What was the auction you ask? WELL IT WAS ONLY THE GREATEST PELTIER MARBLE EVER "THE GOLDEN REBEL"!! I hope you are sitting down because here comes the price........... $19.12!!!!!!! 6 BIDS i was a little suspicious at first but the seller is a top rated seller for marbles and i examined the marble very closely she also mentioned it had alot of adventurine so it had to be a golden rebel i made sure it wasnt a contemporary..... IF YOU WERE'NT IN THE AUCTION YOU MISSED OUT!!! :D:cool-smileys-262:

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That was a $20 lesson.

i was a little suspicious at first ...

That suspicion was the little voice telling you something wasn't right. Listening to that voice helps us take a critical view and pause to work out "why" it doesn't look quite right.

As others have noted above - the marble you bought isn't a Golden Rebel. Its a torch-made contemporary.

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Yeah thank you i kinda knew it wasnt a golden rebel so yesterday night i canceled after looking at the pics closer then finaly late at night looking here and yeah ha not a golden rebel ah well it was just 20 dollars but at least im getting more marbles in very soon!!! thank you for the info everyone :)

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