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Euro Swirls


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Great score Winnie. Looks like Holland made marbles. I have always wondered how Eat Germany would have been producing glass marbles after WWII considering the fuel and resources it takes to make them. Being made somewhere else makes much more sense to me

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Hi Winnie: I'm fairly new to The Marble Connection, but, I've been buying and selling marbles on eBay and at Marble Shows in Ohio and West Virginia for years. I'm from Canada and the area I live in has a lot of Dutch Immigrants. I find these Wire Pulls ( mostly the red variety ) and the Flame Patterns ( mostly white and purple ) in a lot of local collections that I have purchased. When I first came across these I didn't know exactly what they were. The Wire Pulls looked like they might be German and The Flame Patterns resembled, to some extent, the Christensen Agate 2 Colour Flame Swirl. I wasn't sure, so, I sent pictures to Alan Basinet in Florida and he was quick to let me know that they were both European ( not German ) and quite possibly from The Netherlands. I've never come across one that was less than 13/16" and the majority were 1" in diameter. I sold every one that I have ever come across on eBay. I don't remember what the Wire Pulls sold for, however, the 2 Colour Flame Patterns sold in the $125.00 to $150.00 range I've never found any 3 colour Flame Patterns here. Alan also sold a couple Flame Patterns that I remember and they brought a little more than mine did. Also, most of the ones I sold went back to The Netherlands. My guess, given the quantity found ( 34 ) and their uniform size, is that they were once displayed on a solitaire board. Really nice collection and a great find. Bob

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Interesting. Most of the opaque swirls I've come across are 5/8" and white/green/purple seems to be a common combo. The bags from Germany have a range of wirepull sizes. Haven't seen opaque swirls in any sort of packaging before.

Winnie, I think your clear/blue/white marble could have been made on the same machine if you picture the 'clear' glass replaced by opaque white glass.


here's some different color combo's 5/8"

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